DOVC – #055 – 3 Keys to Building an Audience and Growing Your Brand

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3 Keys to Building an Audience and Growing Your Brand

As an entrepreneur starting out, it's easy to get discouraged when you don't immediately gain followers and traction.

But an overnight sensation is extremely rare – building an audience takes consistency and patience.

In this newsletter, I'll share my journey of growing my podcast and brand from zero listeners to over 500 dedicated fans.

You'll discover how I:

  • Celebrate small milestones to maintain motivation
  • Persist daily without getting distracted by stats
  • Support others on their path to avoid ego traps

If you want to build your tribe and brand over time, read on for lessons from the first 50 episodes of my show.

Let's grow together!

Celebrating the Small Wins

I recently passed 50 episodes of my daily podcast, which felt like a huge milestone for me.

Although it's a modest achievement in the big picture, I'm proud of the consistency so far.

Rather than waiting for “overnight success”, I'm learning to celebrate small victories that mark progress:

  • Hitting publish on episode 1 – taking that first intimidating step
  • Getting positive feedback from initial listeners – knowing it resonated with someone
  • Crossing 10 consecutive episodes – starting to build momentum
  • Reaching listeners in 5+ countries – expanding reach
  • Receiving a podcast award nomination – external validation

These may seem trivial to an outsider, but stacking small wins builds momentum over time.

Each fuels motivation to continue.

Progress over perfection!

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Persisting Without Obsession

It's tempting to constantly refresh download stats and reviews in hope of validation.

But for mental health, it's healthier to detach from numbers.

I purposefully don't check my podcast metrics daily.

This prevents getting discouraged when growth stalls or chasing virality.

I focus on consistency delivering value vs fame.

That said, high-level analytics occasionally inform if certain topics resonate.

Reviewing insights monthly is ideal for improvement without obsession.

The core mindset is detachment from outcomes while persisting in the process.

Consistency finally compounds results.

Resist Ego by Supporting Others

The more traction you gain, the easier it becomes to look down on those just starting out.

But we all began with zero platform or credibility.

I make a point to enthusiastically support and encourage aspiring creators on their journey.

Seeing their enthusiasm and hustle reminds me of my own uncertain beginnings.

It grounds me in humility.

Envy and ego often stem from forgetting our shared roots.

I try to lift others up on their path, because it lifts me up too.

Some avoid collaborating with “newbies” to protect status.

But generosity without pretension stimulates your own growth.

We learn the most by teaching.

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Progress Takes Time – For All of Us

Hopefully, these lessons from my early days building an audience help you sustain consistency on your own journey.

Trust that your gifts will find their ideal recipients in due time if you persevere authentically.

Let's tune out comparison and celebrate each small step. 

Your first 100 true fans await. 

We grow together!

Key Takeaways: Building an Audience and Growing Your Brand

  • Celebrating small milestones helps maintain motivation during the slow build
  • Persisting daily without obsessing over stats keeps you focused on value, not fame
  • Resisting ego traps means enthusiastically supporting others just starting out
  • All brands and tribes start small – consistency finally compounds results
  • Progress requires patience. But the rewarding connections make it all worthwhile

What helps you stay encouraged while building your audience and brand? 

Share your insights!

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