DOVC – #056 – How to Automate Content Creation to Grow Your Brand with Zero Added Effort

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How to Automate Content Creation to Grow Your Brand with Zero Added Effort

As an entrepreneur, producing endless social media and blog content can feel exhausting.

What if you could completely automate publishing to maintain brand momentum without burning out?

In this issue, I’ll explain the 3-step automation sequence I implemented to keep fresh content flowing to my audience without any ongoing work.

You’ll discover how automating enables you to:

  • Track and compile content assets hands-free as you publish
  • Repurpose each piece of content across platforms to extend reach
  • Re-engage your audience by resurfacing evergreen content
  • Take time off while your brand presence remains active
  • Generate more revenue from existing content over time

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or just need a break from constant content creation, automation is the solution.

Let’s work smarter, not harder!

The Never-Ending Content Hamster Wheel

As an entrepreneur, I believed more content equaled more growth.

But pumping out posts, videos and social media constantly burned me out.

Whenever I took time off, my brand presence declined rapidly.

Yet I dreaded starting the content hamster wheel again.

There had to be a way to sustain momentum without sacrificing my sanity. Automation provided the answer…

3 Automations That Created Hands-Free Content Flow

After researching options exhaustively, I implemented a 3-step automated sequence that transformed my content and brand growth:

  1. Tracker – Automatically catalogs metadata on all content I publish in a spreadsheet.
  2. Syndicator – Reposts my content to social channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram etc.
  3. Profit Maximizer – Resurfaces my evergreen content on a recurring schedule.

Let me break down how each component works together…

Automated Tracking Lays the Foundation

The tracker documents all my content in a searchable central hub as soon as it’s published.

This includes:

  • Title, description, and media
  • Publishing date
  • Engagement metrics
  • Links and assets

This data is invaluable for identifying high-performing content worth resurfacing and gaps to fill.

The tracker automates compiling this Intel rather than manually cataloging content.

Multi-Channel Syndication Extends Reach

The syndicator reposts my content across my social media empire automatically when published.

Rather than copy-pasting posts individually, the syndicator shares my content across channels like Facebook Groups, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

This expands my reach dramatically with zero added effort.

Repurposing Evergreen Content Re-Engages

This is where leveraging my automated tracker pays dividends.

My profit maximizer tool resurfaces my evergreen content on a recurring schedule.

It pulls data on my top-performing content from my tracker, and then redistributes these “best hits” to my audience.

This re-exposes existing content to new subscribers who missed it.

Plus, it catches previous readers who want a reminder.

This compounds the value from every piece of content without any additional creation work.

Automation Enables Hands-Free Growth

The combined effect of these 3 automated components is transformational:

  • Brand presence remains active even when I take breaks
  • Content continues driving leads and sales 24/7
  • Previous content gets recycled to maximize ROI
  • Reach and authority expand exponentially
  • Minimal effort required from me after initial setup

Rather than burn out on the content hamster wheel, automation keeps fresh content flowing to fuel my brand’s growth around the clock.

The result? I’ve 3X’d my revenue without increasing content production at all.

That’s the magic of working smarter through automation.

Are You Ready to Automate?

Hopefully, this gives you ideas on how to leverage automation to drive growth and conserve mental energy.

Repurposing evergreen content and expanding reach through syndication are total game-changers.

I’m considering opening up my automation suite through a managed service.

If you’re interested in automating your content pipeline, click here to join the waitlist and I’ll keep you posted!

Here’s to more content, less burnout.

Let’s work smarter!

Key Takeaways: Automate Content Creation to Grow Your Brand

  • Automating content tracking, syndication and repurposing eliminates burnout
  • Evergreen “best hits” can be resurfaced to re-engage your audience
  • Multi-channel syndication extends the reach of each piece of content
  • Hands-free automation enables exponential growth with less effort
  • Existing content can drive lead gen and sales 24/7 with optimization
  • Let automation work behind the scenes so you can work less and earn more!

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