DOVC – #061 – How to Overcome Any Mental Blocks in 3 Simple Steps

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How to Overcome Any Mental Blocks in 3 Simple Steps

We all face mental roadblocks that hold us back from achieving our goals. 

For over 25 years, I struggled with the mental barrier of not being able to make 3-point shots in basketball. 

Despite being a strong shooter otherwise, something in my mind said shooting from beyond the arc was impossible for me.

I regularly practiced and tried to push through this limitation. 

But no matter how hard I tried, I could never consistently sink 3-pointers. 

My brain was convinced it was an insurmountable obstacle.

That changed yesterday. I finally shattered this mental block that had plagued me for decades.

In this article, I'll share the exact 3-step approach I used to conquer my mental barrier. 

While my example relates to basketball, these steps can be applied to any goal that seems unreachable in your mind.

By following this framework, you can dismantle any self-limiting beliefs holding you back. 

Let's get started!

The Never-Ending Struggle

For context, I was an accomplished basketball player in my youth. 

I could drive past defenders with ease and was known for spectacular dunks.

But I never properly learned long-range shooting skills. 

My leaping ability allowed me to score easily around the basket.

After a major injury disrupted my basketball career, I eventually returned to the game as a shooter. 

I became adept at mid-range jumpers within the 3-point arc.

However, shots from beyond the arc always felt impossible to me. 

My brain said it was too far for my shooting skills.

I'd regularly practice 3-pointers but the basket seemed galaxies away. 

My shots often air-balled or clanged off the rim weakly.

Meanwhile, even young kids effortlessly swished 3-pointers that seemed unfathomable to me. 

I felt doomed by this mental block.

For 25+ years, I could never overcome this limiting self-belief that I “couldn't shoot 3s.” 

But I recently shattered this barrier using a simple 3-step approach.

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The Breakthrough – A 3-Step Framework

After a lifetime of frustration, I finally achieved a breakthrough.

The problem was not my shooting mechanics. 

It was my self-limiting belief convincing me that 3-pointers were impossible.

I realized that needed to train my mind, not just my body. 

Here are the 3 steps that helped me conquer this mental roadblock:

Step 1: Initiate Possibility

My first goal was not to actually make 3-pointers. 

It was simply to open my mind to the possibility I could make them.

I focused solely on initiating muscle memory and visualizing shots going in. 

This began reshaping my unconscious self-belief.

Step 2: Analyze What Works

Next, I analyzed my shots more objectively. 

I identified what I was doing differently when I did make occasional 3s.

I realized keeping my setup compact and using extra arc increased my chances. 

I had the blueprint.

Step 3: Ingrain What Works

Finally, through repetition, I ingrained the proper setup and arc into my shooting reflex. 

I built muscle memory of what enabled success.

After only one session of focused practice using this approach, the mental block vanished.

3-pointers became just another shot in my range.

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Apply This To Dismantle Any Mental Barrier

My basketball example seems trivial. 

But this simple 3-step process – initiate, analyze, ingrain – can shatter any mental limitation holding you back.

Think of a daunting goal you want to achieve but your mindset convinces you is impossible right now. 

This could be:

  • Starting a business
  • Asking for a promotion
  • Approaching someone you find attractive
  • Losing significant weight
  • Learning a complicated skill

Or any other challenge your brain says you can't overcome.

First, initiate the belief it is achievable. 

Visualize success and build the muscle memory needed, even if the results are shaky. 

Develop an “I can do this” mindset.

Next, analyze what works. 

When you do experience small successes, identify the precise actions that enabled them.

Find your blueprint.

Finally, ingrain the blueprint by relentlessly repeating those winning actions through practice.

Construct the neural pathways to success.

While the physical work is crucial, resetting your underlying belief system is the game changer.

Tear down mental barriers and unlock your potential.

The Takeaway: Overcome Any Mental Blocks in 3 Simple Steps

You can achieve almost anything if you ignore self-limiting beliefs and train your mind for success. 

Visualization, analysis, and repetition rewires your brain's circuitry.

Don't let negative thoughts hold you back another day. 

Whatever feels impossible right now can rapidly become second nature using this approach. 

Break the chains of limited thinking!

Over to you – what is one mental block you aim to overcome? 

Let me know in the comments!

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