DOVC – #063 – How to Unlock Your Potential with Relentless Resourcefulness

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How to Unlock Your Potential with Relentless Resourcefulness

I recently encountered a situation that shone a spotlight on the difference in mindset between seasoned entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners.

When faced with a hurdle, the new entrepreneurs instantly felt defeated and gave up.

Meanwhile, my immediate reaction was “No problem, how do we creatively solve this?” 

I realized they lacked the grit and resourcefulness that makes or breaks you as an entrepreneur.

In this article, I’ll highlight why resourcefulness is an indispensable asset and provide tips to build this muscle. 

With relentless creativity, you can overcome any obstacle blocking your goals.

Let’s dive in!

Why Resourcefulness Matters More Than Resources

From the outside looking in, running a business seems easy. 

Just start something and cash rolls in effortlessly right? Unfortunately no. 

Behind the scenes lurk endless obstacles and roadblocks.

What separates the entrepreneurs who endure these hurdles from those who crumble? Resourcefulness.

Rather than resources, the ability to creatively solve problems with the limited tools at your disposal is the ultimate predictor of success.

You must adopt a “no matter what, we will find a way” mindset. 

Each barrier presents an opportunity to sharpen your resourceful thinking.

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Building Your Resourcefulness Muscles

Resourcefulness is a muscle – it grows through consistent usage. 

Follow these tips to flex your creative problem-solving ability:

  • Always Start With “How Might We”

When facing a dilemma, flip your thinking from “we can’t” to “how might we?” Possibility over impossibility.

  • Split Big Challenges Into Small Steps

Break down huge obstacles into miniature milestones. Then tackle them incrementally.

  • Leverage Your Network

Ask peers with different perspectives for potential solutions. Fresh insight sparks new ideas.

  • Research Relentlessly

Leave no stone unturned digging into alternate strategies others used successfully.

  • Test Cheaper Alternatives

Experiment with cheaper substitutes that might work temporarily before investing big.

  • Negotiate Win-Win Deals

See if you can trade services/favors instead of paying. Offer value to get value.

With consistent usage, your creative muscle memory strengthens. 

Over time, you reflexively view obstacles as solvable puzzles versus dead ends.

My Breakthrough Example

I recently utilized resourcefulness to surmount a roadblock for a client's new clothing brand:

The Challenge:

My client needed custom-woven clothing tags with a unique design. 

But the one domestic supplier quoted $15 per tag – unreasonable for a new business.

The Resourceful Solutions:

  • Sourced an alternate supplier in Asia willing to produce custom tags affordably
  • Negotiated a sponsored social media post in exchange for covering production costs upfront
  • Designed a temporary printable tag for initial batch to validate product demand and secure revenue faster

By relentlessly brainstorming, I unlocked a workable solution saving tremendous costs. 

This resourcefulness muscle memory kicks in automatically for me now.

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Overcome Any Obstacle with Relentless Creativity

I can’t emphasize enough – resourcefulness makes or breaks your entrepreneurial pursuits.

Persistently build this habit.

Key Takeaways: Unlock Your Potential with Relentless Resourcefulness

When you run up against the inevitable roadblocks, refuse to indulge the “can’t be done” mindset for even a second. 

Lock into solution-finder mode armed with relentless creativity.

Treat obstacles as exciting opportunities to uncover inventive answers. 

Let necessity birth innovation. 

Each barrier conquered strengthens your resourcefulness for the next challenge.

Before you know it, you’ll be scoring game-winning buckets like Michael Jordan.

Ok, maybe not literally like MJ. 

But in the game of business, creativity rules all!

What obstacle will you creatively tackle this week? 

Let me know in the comments!

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