DOVC – #064 – Discover the Vital Gift of Volunteering Your Time to Serve Others

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Discover the Vital Gift of Volunteering Your Time to Serve Others

I recently had a transformational experience that provided an invaluable life lesson.

When you give your time, you often give the most valuable gift of all.

I was asked to volunteer teaching basketball to children at a local orphanage. 

While I expected to impart some skills, what I gained was far more profound.

In this article, I'll reflect on my eye-opening experience, discuss insights on human needs versus wants, and offer ideas to make service an integral part of your life.

An Unexpected Lesson from an Orphanage

I run various businesses and am constantly focused on metrics, efficiency, and results. 

So when I blocked off time to volunteer teaching basketball, I mainly viewed it as a nice diversion.

What transpired was far more powerful. 

Through interacting with these children craving connection, I realized that sometimes the simplest act of giving your presence and time can be life-changing.

The kids were thrilled to have someone engage with them. 

The lesson crystallized for me when one child said “Thank you for playing with me” with innocent sincerity. 

I understood then that my time was more valuable to them than any material possessions I could have provided.

I also discovered many disquieting truths about the struggles these orphaned children face through conversations with volunteers selflessly dedicated to helping. 

My eyes opened to the jarring realities of kids desperately needing support.

My experience provided perspective on what people fundamentally require – far beyond what we prioritize in privileged bubbles. 

It illuminated the power of service and giving your time to help others surmount such adversity and fulfill their needs.

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Refocusing on Giving Over Getting

My orphanage visit reminded me people mostly just want connection. 

Kids simply wish to play with someone paying attention to them. 

My presence was what mattered, not what tangible things I could provide.

Too often we get distracted chasing the next purchase, assuming the “want” it fulfills will make us happier. 

In truth, humans primarily seek meaning, purpose, and being seen – not more stuff.

My paradigm shifts back to what people need, not want. 

How might I serve others struggling rather than focusing inwardly? 

It starts with the most precious commodity – my time and engagement.

Incorporate Service Into Your Week

I urge you to find ways to regularly give your time to worthy causes. 

Here are simple ways to serve:

Mentor a child/student to provide guidance many lack. Play sports or games with kids desperate for attentive role models.

Volunteer with organizations helping disadvantaged communities by contributing whatever skills you have.

Every bit counts.

Surprise isolated elderly neighbors or relatives with visits to uplift their days with companionship.

Lead drives to collect funds/supplies for nonprofits supporting basic needs, education, healthcare, etc.

Even small acts of service add up.

Just be present and connect where you can.

Allocate time weekly to step outside your bubble and shifts perspective.

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Key Takeaways: The Vital Gift of Volunteering Your Time to Serve Others

As entrepreneurial leaders, we must set an example elevating social consciousness. 

Apply your talents to empower communities.

My rewarding yet eye-opening orphanage experience showed the significance of simply giving your time. 

I realized how much I take for granted and plan to serve these courageous kids regularly.

I challenge you to incorporate service into your life as well – it will provide perspective and meaning while making an invaluable impact.

How might you carve out time this month to volunteer or help those in need? 

Which actions speak to you? 

Please share your ideas/commitments below!

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