DOVC – #069 – Why You Should Only Promote High Ticket Affiliate Offers

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Why You Should Only Promote High Ticket Affiliate Offers

As marketers, we expend tremendous effort in creating offers, driving traffic, nurturing leads, and making sales.

So why do most people focus on promoting low-cost products often earning small commissions?

By targeting high-ticket offers instead, you maximize income for the same workload.

This became painfully clear while discussing affiliate marketing with someone selling many low-priced digital goods.

Despite sizable transaction volume, revenue remained limited.

He couldn’t fathom why I passed on his suggestions until I reframed his perspective.

In this article, I’ll define ticket pricing tiers, analyze the identical labor for any sale, demonstrate via real examples how targeting expensive offers earns you exponentially more, and identify where to find prime high-ticket opportunities.

You work too hard to think small – let’s elevate!

Low vs High Ticket Pricing Explained

In the context of online offers, products, and services fit into loosely defined pricing buckets:

Low Ticket: Under $100

Typical range = $7 – $97

Mid-Range Ticket: $100 – $999

Typical range = $197 – $497

High Ticket: Over $1,000

Typical range = $1,497 – $10,000+

As you move up tiers, decision involvement increases demanding more research and consideration before purchasing.

But this also means that any sale translates to bigger commission checks.

Let’s contrast the implications…'

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The Core Inefficiency Costing You Money

We’ve all seen ridiculous lowest-price guarantees from companies like WalMart.

But a race to the bottom on cost often erodes quality and sustainability.

Even consumables have limits.

Online most people similarly fixate on low offer prices both as vendors and affiliates.

But what if I told you it requires identical effort to earn $100 vs $1 whether selling your own goods or promoting someone else’s?

You still create a lead magnet to capture emails.

Still segment and nurture subscribers with an autoresponder.

Still, drive traffic to offers through promotions.

Still, provide customer support.

Since process fundamentals hold constant irrespective of product cost, why do more people chase penny commissions from cheap products rather than earn 10x more per sale from expensive ones?

Simply put, low psychological price tags initiate impulse purchases with minimal research. But this masks terrible inefficiency.

Let’s explore examples…

Illustrative Scenarios Demonstrating Greater Efficiency

During my e-commerce days selling imported consumer goods, early on I focused on high order volume at slim margins around 20%, spending heavily on advertising.

Quickly I realized that after subtracting customer acquisition costs, each transaction only netted roughly $10 – $15 in profit requiring immense workload despite automation.

However, identifying and fulfilling demand for deluxe versions of products earning 50%+ profit margins meant fewer sales created equal or greater collective profits.

I literally slashed the workload dramatically while significantly growing the business.

The light bulb went on – transaction totals matter more than volumes!

This holds true for information products as well.

Promoting a $4,000 online course converts far fewer prospects than a $47 ebook.

But you easily still earn higher commission checks from the former with dramatically less effort.

Or as an affiliate, why generate 2000 leads to close 100 sales earning $2 per purchase, when you could instead sign up 20 buyers of a $2000 program to make $400 each?

Either way, you work building your list, creating great content, and running ads.

But ignoring big-ticket offers leaves easy money on the table.

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Where You Should Search For High Ticket Opportunities

Hopefully, you now see why targeting larger customer spends makes infinitely more sense if you’re investing time in marketing anyways.

But where do you find great high-ticket offers?

As an affiliate, search affiliate networks like ClickBank, JVZoo, Warrior Plus for information products over $1000 like online courses, coaching programs, and software platforms.

For physical products, Amazon Associates features many high-end selections exceeding $2000 across categories like jewelry, electronics, and appliances.

You just need shoppers to click your links.

Key Takeaways: Why You Should Only Promote High Ticket Affiliate Offers

If creating your own online offers, conduct buyer research around solving high-priority problems people gladly invest in solutions for like health, relationships, and wealth.

$1000 is reasonable when substantial lifelong value is received.

Selling unlocks earning without limits.

But you’ll work smart when focusing efforts on solely promoting high ticket offers rather than chasing pennies.

The value generated determines income trajectory.

Let’s elevate our ambitions! Will you commit to exclusively recommending only high ticket offers going forward?

Which niche has you most excited?

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