DOVC – #070 – How to Prioritize Financial Freedom Over Wealth First

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How to Prioritize Financial Freedom Over Wealth First

Does chasing riches consume all your time and mental bandwidth?

 What if pursuing wealth actually sabotages the freedom needed to strategically create it? 

I long subscribed to the “get rich first, enjoy later” philosophy until a revelation after automating key processes showed the flaws.

This hard lesson exposed why financial freedom must be the initial achievement priority. 

Only then can you thoughtfully build assets without distractions. 

I scrapped previous profit dogma to embrace an empowered approach valuing liberation over wealth for its own sake.

In this article, I’ll differentiate being rich from attaining freedom, share my epiphany after outsourcing duties, and explain why optimizing for autonomy accelerates prosperity. 

The shortest path to lifelong prosperity starts with…getting out of your own way.

Wealth Does Not Equal Freedom

Society’s blueprint assumes amassing fortunes enables freedom. 

But the reality proves far more nuanced:

Wealthy But Occupied – Some financially comfortable individuals remain chained to unfulfilling jobs and lifestyles devoid of autonomy. RN money lacks meaning without time freedom.

Rich & Stressed – Huge assets also create stresses with expanded obligations.  And inherited wealth often fuels emptiness from lack of purpose.

Free But Strapped – Alternatively, carefree vagabonds roam freely thanks to pared-down lifestyles. But financial constraints loom requiring constant vigilance.

The most enviable position blends reasonable wealth with extensive freedom. 

My fixation on chasing wealth blinded me to the easier access point – structuring for freedom as the first priority.

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Outsourcing Paved The Path to Destiny

After relentlessly grinding to scale automated income streams, I finally outsourced the remaining manual efforts. 

As I gazed out at suddenly empty schedules once crowded with tasks something clicked…

I could finally structure strategically! 

Freed capacity revealed inefficiencies and incremental tweaks delivering exponentially bigger payoffs from existing assets and platforms. 

I uncovered multiple new income channels requiring only direction versus hands-on building.

Blinders removed jolted me – pursuing maximum wealth first severely constrained my earning potential long-term due to a lack of strategy bandwidth. 

But structuring for freedom allowed capitalizing on emerging opportunities through creative problem-solving.

The Gateway to True Prosperity

This lesson exposed why the rich get richer – because they optimize lifestyles for amplifying assets rather than chase MORE at the expense of freedom.

Their thinking steers momentum.

When you scramble just to maintain existing revenue streams, it’s impossible to spot chances to evolve.

Your bandwidth gets dominated by doing versus leading.

But structuring operationally to reclaim your most precious resource – time – is the ultimate leverage.

You multiply productivity and profits by focusing energy towards the highest-yield activities.

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Tips to Escape The Rat Race Faster

Hopefully, I’ve convinced you that optimizing for freedom trumps money tunnel vision. Employ these tips to get there faster:

  • Track Your Time – Quantify where hours currently get allocated across the week. Are you doing or directing more?
  • Eliminate Low-Value Efforts – Delegate or outsource tasks yielding low hourly payoffs through automation tools or assistants.
  • Systematize Routines – Standard operating procedures, checklists, and templates radically simplify measuring/managing distributed workloads.
  • Set Profit Milestones To Phase Out – Outline revenue metrics that allow you to fire yourself from recurring operations, not just employees.
  • Continuously Ask What If – Carving cognitive space to ponder scenarios fuels the innovation that unlocks big advances.

Key Takeaways: How to Prioritize Financial Freedom Over Wealth First

Embrace freedom as the cornerstone for effectively designing more wealth. 

Joyful, liberated days overflow with destined possibilities.

What could you automate or outsource this month? 

Or what hourly profit milestone would earn you full-time freedom? 

Please share plans/commitments!

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