DOVC – #071 – How to Streamline Affiliate Approvals with This Automated Lead Magnet

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How to Streamline Affiliate Approvals with This Automated Lead Magnet

As an affiliate marketer, getting accepted into great affiliate programs is pivotal yet painfully challenging.

You likely waste hours prospecting manually, cold emailing networks, and pleading your case to decision-makers.

What if you could create an automated “done for you” lead magnet that does the selling for you?

In this article, I’ll reveal how I built a multi-channel lead generation system that taps into my podcast, bots, and funnels to make affiliate managers desperate to work with me.

I’ll show you how I created a lead magnet that walks through my business, philosophy, and strategy in a short yet high-value video.

This positions me as a sophisticated partner, opening affiliate floodgates quickly.

Here’s what I’ll cover:

  • The frustrating slog of manual affiliate outreach
  • Why most marketers fail the partner vetting process
  • How to make managers chase you as an asset
  • Constructing an impressive automated lead magnet
  • Multi-channel distribution for maximum visibility
  • How this helped me land a $250,000 partnership
  • Generating instant authority and credibility
  • Leveraging this tactic in your biz immediately

The Never Ending Hustle for Approval

As a savvy marketer, I know you feel me here.

No matter how solid your track record is, getting top-tier affiliates to open their doors is a relentless grind.

You spend far too long drafting elaborate emails only to hear crickets in response.

Most don’t even dignify your efforts with a reply.

And those who do put you through the wringer with laborious applications, demanding historical stats and earnings data that takes ages to compile.

It’s an exhausting game of jumping through hoops that burns insane amounts of time for little reward.

There had to be a better way – where managers see our potential upfront and beg us to promote them.

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Cracking the Affiliate Approval Code

After way too many frustrating rejections, I finally cracked the code.

I realized managers get inundated daily by amateur marketers seeking access to their programs.

That’s why they filter so ruthlessly – and ignore bulk spam requests.

They crave sophisticated partners who understand their business, know how to sell their offers, and have an ecosystem that drives conversions.

So I developed an automated lead magnet that walks managers through exactly how I’ll skillfully market their products across podcasts, email sequences, funnel campaigns, and more.

This “done for you” system explains my philosophy plus maps out the buyer journey their prospects will experience.

It’s a short yet high-value “resume” for my business.

Now before contacting any new affiliate, I simply send this lead magnet.

It positions me as a strategic mastermind, making managers flock to work with me.

Let me explain how you can adopt this game-changing tactic…

Construct a Killer Lead Magnet “Resume”

The first step is to carve out an hour and map your entire marketing ecosystem across channels – funnel campaigns, email sequences, Reddit ads, and social media groups.

Outline your philosophy and content strategy across assets like blogs, YouTube, TikTok, and podcasts.

Explain how you drive prospects through an optimized buyer journey tailored to conversions.

Design this as an impressive yet easy-to-digest system.

Next, use screen recording software to narrate a 5-10 minute video walking through this system and strategy from start to finish.

Make it feel like managers are getting personal consulting advice from an industry authority.

The Cold Calling and Spray and Pray Technique

The video should clearly convey your strategic mastery so managers immediately recognize your expertise and potential.

This positions you as a serious player.

You’ve effectively demonstrated how providing access will directly profit the partners while requiring no heavy lifting from them.

It’s a massively compelling case to start a partnership on the right foot.

Distribute This Lead Magnet for Maximum Impact

With your high-value lead magnet complete, distribute it aggressively through:

  • Email signatures linking to the video
  • Messenger chatbot sending it automatically
  • YouTube descriptions driving viewers
  • Solo ad campaigns targeting affiliates
  • Forums and Facebook Groups

This amplification ensures your video lecture reaches the maximum amount of prospective partners possible.

The mesmerizing result? Managers blowing up your inbox requesting approval documents to get you promoting their offers immediately.

No more soul-crushing silence to prospecting outreach.

Just affiliates chasing you down instead.

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How This Landed Me a $250,000 Partnership

This magnetic lead gen approach helped me secure an exclusive partnership with a leading coaching program.

Rather than dismissing me as another time waster, the owner eagerly watched my lead magnet video first.

He was so impressed that he messaged me shortly after about collaborating.

This unlocked a channel I’d been fruitlessly pursuing manual outreach on for months prior.

Over the next year, I generated over $250,000 in commissions leveraging the tools and ecosystem showcased in that short video.

It served as the ultimate proof of capability while saving dozens of tiresome hours chasing approvals manually.

The credibility and authority from that partnership also opened doors to numerous other six-figure relationships.

It established me as an industry heavyweight overnight.

All thanks to a simple yet strategic “resume” style lead magnet distributed widely.

Your Turn: Streamline Affiliate Approvals with This Automated Lead Magnet

Hopefully, you now grasp the immense power of lead magnet videos to shortcut the wearying affiliate approval slog.

But I only open up access to this game-changing blueprint to a handful of partners each year.

If you’re ready to leverage my signature lead gen tactic to land lucrative partnerships, click here to request access to my exclusive training.

Then watch affiliates who brushed you off previously chase you down instead thanks to this positioning masterstroke.

The days of groveling for approval are over.

Let technology accelerate your partnerships and profits massively on autopilot now!

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