DOVC – #082 -How to Work Less and Earn More with Lead Generation Automation

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How to Work Less and Earn More with Lead Generation Automation

We all know manual lead generation can be an endless drag.

Endless hours lost cold calling and emailing low-quality prospects.

Crickets and ignored messages are the norm.

It’s frustrating, demoralizing, and wildly unproductive.

What if I told you I recently discovered a way to completely automate targeted, high-intent lead generation?

And rapidly convert prospects into buyers without ever picking up the phone?

My newest secret weapon revealed inside…

The Never-Ending Manual Lead Generation Grind

As business owners, we’ve all been trapped on the manual lead-gen hamster wheel before.

And it’s beyond exhausting.

You’re constantly prospecting through outdated lists, interrupting strangers’ dinners with random cold calls, and blasting spammy emails.

Only to mostly hear nothing but crickets chirping in response.

When you do get a live prospect, they often bail mid-call or exit your funnel quickly.

Leaving you feeling like all the effort was utterly pointless.

There had to be a better way – an automated system delivering real, buyer-ready leads while I sipped margaritas on the beach.

But how?

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My Eureka Moment That Changed Everything

After way too much time wasted fruitlessly prospecting, I finally cracked the lead gen code.

What if I could pinpoint the very moment a prospect launches a new business?

And deliver hot, targeted leads before competitors sniff them out?

Instead of trying to pry clients from competitors’ grip?

This insight led me to develop a brand new lead generation weapon:

→ Identifies 50,000+ new business domain launches daily

→ Filters leads instantly to match your niche/location

→ Delivers pre-qualified prospects directly to your inbox

→ Follows up via automated email funnel sequences

→ Closes leads into buyers hands-free 24/7

Think about that for a second.

An inexhaustible supply of buyers actively searching for solutions, delivered automatically based on your criteria.

Buyer intent doesn’t get much hotter!

Let me walk through exactly how it works to crush lead gen for good…

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Pinpoint the Most Critical Business Moment

Through exhaustive research, I found business launches generate the highest buyer intent window.

When solution-seeking is on overdrive.

My lead gen tool taps into domain registration data and identifies the exact moment over 50,000 businesses launch new domains daily.

Each signals high intent for key services.

This critical timing means connecting right as they start seeking solutions for their urgent needs and goals.

When you can easily become their first and only provider.

Rather than trying to later displace entrenched competitors, the playing field is wide open if you catch prospects early enough.

Get Matched Prospects in 24 Hours, Skip the Rejections

The process to get targeted, interested leads is simple:

  1. Pulls in domain registration data from across the web
  2. Identifies 50,000+ new business launches daily
  3. Filters leads instantly to match your niche, location etc
  4. Delivers matched prospects directly to your inbox
  5. Follows up automatically via high-converting funnels

Just set your target criteria, and get 50,000+ warm prospects in 24 hours without cold calling or manually emailing.

No more prospecting in vain.

Convert Subscribers Into Buyers on Autopilot

But leads alone drive no revenue.

So my tool incorporates done-for-you automation that follows up and closes leads into happy buyers.

Once matched prospects hit your inbox, import them to any CRM or email platform.

This triggers professional sequences that guide leads from discovery calls to close over 60 days.

The system nurtures leads, answers common questions, and addresses objections.

Moving subscribers towards becoming customers all on its own.

This hands-free automation handles lead engagement so you can focus on business growth strategy instead.

Proof This Solution Works – $400k+ Revenue and Counting

This lead generation and automation combo changed everything.

In 2022 alone, it helped me generate:

→ $212k from inbound subscriber conversions

→ $188k+ from outbound cold leads

→ Over $23k in monthly recurring revenue

→ 70%+ conversion rates on segmented leads

Having warm prospects lined up each day by my secret weapon is the growth rocket fuel I’d been missing.

The precision matching ensures I connect with in-market buyers first, bundle multiple services, and sustain expansion.

It just hits differently when technology qualifies leads for you!

Key Takeaways: Work Less and Earn More with Lead Generation Automation

I only open up limited access to this lead generation machine every year.

If you’re ready to end the manual grunt work and get matched prospects on tap, click here to inquire about gaining entry.

Or if you want to chat more about optimizing your lead gen process, just reply to this email – happy to help fellow business owners succeed!

The days of struggling with cold calling and spam blasting are over.

Let technology accelerate your lead gen and revenue now. 

Let's Chat!

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