DOVC – #096 – How to Escape Failure and Unlock Sales Through Understanding Customer Motivations

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How to Escape Failure and Unlock Sales Through Understanding Customer Motivations

As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to blame external factors when sales objectives aren’t met.

But doing so neglects our responsibility to understand and truly connect with our audience's core desires.

In this issue, I’ll share why we must look inward when sales fall short by recounting my own missed opportunity.

I’ll reveal how deeply grasping what drives buyers is key to unlocking their purchases regardless of presumed obstacles.

Here's what I'll cover:

  • My mindset shifted from pushing sales to actually helping
  • Owning shortcomings instead of citing tough crowds
  • Using motivational psychology to make irresistible offers
  • Putting yourself in customers’ shoes to grasp their “why”
  • An example linking booze to an unmotivated attendee
  • Understanding buying triggers leads to guaranteed sales
  • A simple but profound question to reflect on

Moving from Pushing to Serving

In the past as a young sales rep, I’ll admit my focus was on hitting targets more than customer needs.

I pushed products rather than pulled people in by truly adding value.

But over time, I evolved to genuinely want to serve audiences and improve lives before making sales.

Now if you grasp how a solution will profoundly impact someone according to their goals, product recommendations flow naturally.

When you elevate others, revenue follows.

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Take Ownership – There Are No Tough Crowds

Recently I presented at an event where few sales resulted, despite showing attendees how my product could save them time and money.

Though some speakers blamed the “tough crowd,” I looked inward.

The truth is everyone buys something according to their motivations.

There are no impossible customers, only poor connections.

I took ownership that I didn’t adequately speak to what specifically compelled this audience.

The key lies in unlocking others’ internal drivers, not citing external barriers.

It’s All About the “Why”

Simon Sinek’s Start with Why has influenced my perspective here.

People don’t care what you sell until they first understand its purpose in enabling their deeper wishes.

We make buying mistakes when focusing on what before why.

To lift sales, empathize more with customers, and identify their fundamental goals.

Then clearly demonstrate how your offer fulfills those, not just surface benefits.

When people see you clearly understand their “why”, they will eagerly buy into your “what”.

Read Between the Lines by Getting to Know Buyers

Consider connecting with attendees one-on-one before presenting to grasp perspectives, challenges, and dreams.

Understanding psychographics, demographics, and behavioristics allows you to tailor content accordingly.

Ask smart questions to reveal their motivations:

  • What originally attracted you to this industry?
  • Where do you see your business in 5 years?
  • What’s something you want that technology could provide?

Then organically relate your solution to empowering their wishes during presentations.

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Turning a Fun-Loving Attendee into a Buyer

I gave the example of swaying a fun-loving friend Bob to attend an event by promoting alcohol rather than conversation.

Similarly, identify each customer’s unique triggers.

Offer tech enthusiasts automation efficiencies, creative types beautiful interfaces, and philanthropists a giving-back program.

When you deeply know what fundamentally motivates someone, you hold the keys to selling them anything.

No more tough crowds when you relate to relatable whys.

Could You Have Converted That “Impossible” Customer?

After honest self-reflection following my presentation, I realized I simply didn’t connect my product’s abilities to this audience’s incentives.

I should have researched attendees beforehand to tie my offer directly to their goals.

We all have blind spots that obstruct our ability to sway certain customers.

But they all share a commonality – some desire seeking fulfillment.

By grasping their deeper motivations, no customer remains out of reach.

Could you have sold that “impossible” customer if aligning an incentive to their why?

Before blaming tough crowds, first, reconsider how extending understanding could unlock new outcomes.

Key Takeaways: Escape Failure and Unlock Sales Through Understanding Customer Motivations

When sales suffer, we often first fault external variables.

But acceptance of personal responsibility comes before positive change. Transformative progress follows reflective insight.

Consider deeply what motivates those you cannot seem to sell to. Hidden whys await revelation and bridges await building.

Shift from pushing products without purpose towards elevating lives aligned with needs.

Find fulfillment in serving people ahead of yourself.

Commit to understanding motivations before seeking desired actions.

This mentality shift releases resistance and unlocks new outcomes.

Are you ready to stop externalizing blame and start uplifting others through purpose?

Let’s have a genuine discussion about connecting your offers more meaningfully to serve your audience better.

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