DOVC – #100 – How to Identify Doers Not Just Talkers for a Successful Business

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How to Identify Doers Not Just Talkers for a Successful Business

Building a successful business requires motivated action, not endless deliberation.

But it’s often hard to discern who will truly deliver results vs. those who merely talk a big game.

In this article, I’ll break down the key personality profiles that either paralyze progress or drive it.

You’ll learn to recognize time wasters versus doers, avoid motivation myth makers, and surround yourself with implementers.

Here’s what I’ll cover:

  • The business cost of over-promisers and under-deliverers
  • How to detect early on who will likely be all talk, no action
  • The time suck of serial distractors consumed by minutiae
  • How to identify genuine doers willing to consistently deliver
  • Vetting and onboarding strategies to assemble your dream team
  • Daily rhythms that enable focus on priority results, not distractions
  • Why incremental progress through action trumps endless deliberation
  • How to become a doer yourself focused on consistent execution

The Heavy Business Cost of Empty Promises

We’ve all encountered them – initial meetings filled with enthusiastic bravado about the massive value someone will bring.

But weeks later, crickets…

This personality profile over-promises but rarely delivers.

They talk a big game but go missing when real work begins.

The cost is real: missed deadlines, frustrated teams, delays in securing revenue.

Over time, empty promises erode trust and morale.

Don’t be deceived by smooth interview charisma.

Look deeper to discern who will actually roll up their sleeves when things get tough.

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Avoiding Time Suckers Consumed by Details

A different but equally detrimental profile gets distracted by minutiae irrelevant to results.

They start strong but quickly fall down rabbit holes analyzing unimportant details unrelated to the core goal.

Or they chase novel intellectual pursuits rather than finishing priority tasks.

While modest details matter, they shouldn’t consume inordinate time that derails progress.

Endless analysis leads to paralysis.

Redirect serial detractors tactfully but firmly back to mission-critical actions.

Celebrate incremental gains to keep momentum.

Identifying Consistent Doers Who Deliver

The ideal profile may not be flashy in interviews but simply starts delivering value on day one.

They focus less on pontification and more on consistent execution.

Rather than elaborate roadmaps, they implement step one.

Small daily progress compounds.

Within months, doers dramatically outpace talkers still deliberating plans.

Value follow-through over charisma. Give candid feedback to help well-intentioned distractors realign.

But move on from those who never change.

Surround yourself with doers to build an unstoppable team.

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How to Vet for Actions, Not Just Words

The key is probing past surface-level promises in the vetting process:

  • Ask for specific examples of past projects brought from idea to implementation successfully. Past actions predict future results.
  • Require a short written summary of how they’ll achieve a key goal rather than generalizations. Assess thought process.
  • Discuss work style. Favor focus and consistency over chasing novel ideas incessantly.
  • Give a small trial task or micro-internship to test your work ethic before major commitments.

A few precautionary steps upfront saves major headaches later on.

Take time to discern doers.

Daily Rhythms That Enable Focus

Once your team is assembled, implement operating rhythms that incent action:

  • Start stand-ups reinforcing core results to achieve for the day or week, not distractions.
  • Block schedules to protect stretches of uninterrupted time on critical projects.
  • Celebrate small daily wins both privately and publicly. Progress fuels momentum.
  • Remove or reduce non-essential meetings and status updates that don’t directly advance goals.

Your team will mirror your focus as the leader.

Model the mindset and behaviors you want to see.

Progress Trumps Perfection

Resist endlessly deliberating plans and perfecting products.

The biggest mistake is never shipping.

Maintain perspective on the overall mission.

Some details matter, but most don’t.

Progress is imperfect.

But consistent action compounds to drive results. Refine as you go.

Shifting Your Mindset to Become a Doer

Whether an entrepreneur or employee, adopt the doer mindset:

  • Value action over elaborate strategy decks. Implement step one now.
  • Break large goals down into daily bite-sized wins. Small steps add up.
  • Accept imperfection. Progress, not perfection, yields results.
  • Stay focused on the vital 20% that drives 80% of impact. Ignore trivial many.
  • Maintain a bias for consistent action. Incremental gains compound over months.

Surround yourself with fellow-doers who move bold visions to reality through gritty daily execution.

Soon you’ll be far up the mountain while others are still at base camp deliberating.

Key Takeaways: Identify Doers Not Just Talkers for a Successful Business

  • Look past hype in interviews to identify genuine doers
  • Redirect serial distractors focused on non-essential minutiae
  • Celebrate small daily actions that drive incremental gains
  • Remove barriers to focus for yourself and your team
  • Maintain perspective. Progress, not perfection, yields results.
  • Adopt a doer mindset centered on consistent execution
  • Surround yourself with fellow action-oriented implementers

Let’s connect – share any insights on building a team of doers! 

What operating rhythms have you found most effective for maintaining focus on results? 

I look forward to hearing from fellow action-oriented entrepreneurs. 

Consistent progress compounds.

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