DOVC – #109 – How NOT to Waste Your Time Learning New Skills 

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How NOT to Waste Your Time Learning New Skills 

It’s easy to dismiss skills and information you acquire as useless, especially if you don’t see an immediate application.

But this is short-sighted – nearly everything you learn equips you better for the future.

In this article, I’ll share why no knowledge is ever wasted, using examples from school, business, relationships, and more.

You’ll see how to maintain the mindset that all your learnings have value for opportunities ahead.

Here’s what I’ll cover:

  • Why we wrongly assume teachings that don't seem relevant now are wasted
  • How every piece of knowledge contributes to your perspective
  • Why skills that appear useless can prove invaluable later
  • Examples of leveraging learnings in unexpected future situations
  • Tips to stay open-minded about the value of all information
  • How to avoid saying you wasted time on teachings or experiences
  • Why maintaining a student mindset prevents closed-mindedness
  • How to shorten the time before connecting the dots on relevance
  • Why keeping all your knowledge makes you more adaptable

Why We Wrongly Assume Teachings That Don't Seem Relevant Now Are Wasted

In school, we often dismiss teachings that don’t have obvious real-world applications as pointless.

This mindset persists in adulthood, closing us off from the benefits down the road.

Just because you don’t grasp how a lesson plugs in now doesn’t mean it lacks value.

Staying receptive avoids leaving key perspectives unexplored.

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How Every Piece of Knowledge Contributes To Your Perspective

Any knowledge shapes your lens on the world, even if subtly.

We rarely see all the connections right away.

Studying astrophysics or ancient languages may not seem directly useful.

But these topics fine-tune your critical thinking and offer unique cultural insights you’ll apply later.

Why Skills That Appear Useless Can Prove Invaluable Later

Mastering skills outside your core expertise grows your adaptability.

Even if they don’t seem directly relevant, they ready you for unpredictable situations ahead.

Don’t ignore developing diverse abilities – when change happens, obscure skills become essential.

Narrow specialization creates a fragile fortress. Widen your moat.

Examples of Leveraging Learnings in Unexpected Future Situations

On the surface, studying literature or algebra may not scream career-applicable.

But I’ve seen how these teachings prove invaluable down the road:

Poetry analysis honing creative thinking and messaging skills

Statistical Concepts Informing Stock Market Analysis

Second language allowing connecting globally

Music theory enables learning programming languages faster

The links aren’t always obvious immediately but crystallize over time – if you stay open to them.

Tips to Stay Open-Minded About The Value of All Information

How to avoid prematurely dismissing insights as irrelevant?

Some suggestions:

Regularly review past teachings – you may see new applications with experience

When learning something new, hypothesize how it might connect down the road

Discuss diverse topics with others to illuminate fresh intersections

Think expansively about how every lesson potentially enriches your perspective

Maintaining an open, curious mindset prevents leaving stones unturned.

The payoffs emerge when you least expect them.

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How to Avoid Saying You Wasted Time on Teachings or Experiences

Be cautious about claiming any learning or time spent was useless, meaningless, or wasted.

Here’s why:

It locks you into fixed notions vs continuous growth

Valuable personal development can happen even if not apparent

Relational experiences always build an understanding of yourself and others

You cause psychological resistance that blocks future applications

Instead, focus on extracting something constructive from each experience.

Why Maintaining a Student Mindset Prevents Closed-Mindedness

Adopting a student mentality offers the best protection against premature rigid assumptions.

Students don’t prejudge the worth of teachings upfront.

They trust there are hidden reasons for the lessons.

Staying receptive unlocks breakthroughs.

How to Shorten the Time Before Connecting the Dots on Relevance

With practice, you can more quickly grasp the value of teachings that previously seemed irrelevant:

Review past learnings frequently to fertilize new insights

Adopt beginner mindset by imagining you’re learning the topic for the first time

Discuss concepts with others to highlight fresh intersections and uses

Regularly attempt to link new learnings to older ones

Why Keeping All Your Knowledge Makes You More Adaptable

Each lesson equips you with new mental models, angles, and cultural insights.

Accumulating a diverse knowledge base empowers you to understand new contexts and tackle challenges with more flair and imagination.

So stay intellectually curious – you never know what unlikely intersections of learning unlock future opportunities.

Don’t leave tools sitting unused in your toolbox.

Key Takeaways: NOT to Waste Your Time Learning New Skills 

  • Don't assume any learning or skill is ever wasted just because usefulness isn't clear now
  • All knowledge shapes your perspective and contributes to your mental toolkit even in subtle ways
  • Skills outside your core expertise grow your adaptability for unpredictable situations
  • Relevance frequently reveals itself downstream – keep reviewing past teachings
  • Avoid saying time spent on something was useless – extract constructive lessons always
  • Maintain a student mindset of openness to connect dots between concepts over time
  • Discuss diverse topics with others to unearth unexpected intersections and applications
  • Keep accumulating diverse knowledge to understand new contexts with more flair
  • You never know when obscure information might empower you – stay intellectually curious

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