DOVC – #113 – How I Learned to Overcome Racial Injustice Through Understanding as a Black Man

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How I Learned to Overcome Racial Injustice Through Understanding as a Black Man

Throughout my life, I've endured countless acts of racism, prejudice, and injustice simply for the “crime” of being born black.

From constant police harassment to discrimination in finding work and housing, the struggles have felt endless.

Yet I've persevered by maintaining faith, cultivating inner strength, and choosing understanding over hatred.

In this article, I'll share my personal experiences with racism to shed light on these ongoing injustices.

I hope that by honestly explaining the realities many minorities face daily, it will build compassion and motivate positive change.

While anger is justified and protest warranted, the ultimate solution lies in choosing understanding over ignorance.

Here's what I'll cover:

  • The constant injustice I've endured from police harassment to discrimination
  • How these painful struggles are invisible to many not directly impacted
  • Why social media has finally exposed longstanding oppression to the masses
  • How the senseless murder of George Floyd reflects an ongoing epidemic
  • Why retaliation breeds more violence vs. understanding fosters change
  • How a brief video opened my eyes to society's inequities as a teen
  • Why we must acknowledge pain to bring people closer together
  • How oppression ends when we truly see each other's humanity

The Never-Ending Nightmare of Racial Injustice

As a black man raised in France, injustice has shadowed me since childhood.

The police harassment began in my youth when merely walking down the street made me a target.

I quickly lost count of how many times I was arbitrarily stopped and questioned by officers accusing me of fabricated crimes.

Once while simply crossing the road at noon, two undercovers chased me down in front of a busy cafe based on matching the description of an “African-looking black male.”

Finding housing as a minority proved equally challenging.

Many landlords blatantly refused to rent to someone black despite my pursuant credentials and lawful income.

The inequality persisted across education in securing internships and employment thereafter.

Opportunities my equally or less qualified white peers obtained easily required 100x more work and luck on my end.

This systemic racism led me to vow never to return to France despite retaining my citizenship.

Even passing through immigration, I'm subjected to excessive scrutiny and interrogation compared to white French passengers.

I'm forever seen as an outsider in my own nation of birth.

While my homeland represents an egregious example, life as a black man anywhere often means facing baked-in barriers and undue skepticism.

Many see my skin before my character and make damning assumptions.

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Social Media Exposing Systemic Racism

For minorities, these injustices have persisted for generations as facts of life.

Those not directly impacted have enjoyed the luxury of ignorance, discarding any awareness of oppression as hyperbole.

However, the rise of social media has finally illuminated systemic racism to the masses by documenting countless acts of violence and injustice.

The recent murder of George Floyd epitomizes this.

While tragically commonplace, Floyd's death ignited global outrage specifically because cameras captured the brutal police actions.

Now the public witnesses the realities of racism and oppression that minorities have endured forever in silence.

Enabled by technology, Floyd's experience has chillingly become a tipping point teaching the privileged what the oppressed have always known.

Understanding Breeds Change, Retaliation Breeds Violence

Anger and protest are justified responses to centuries of entrenched racial oppression.

However, lasting positive change arises not from retaliation but from mutual understanding.

Vengeful behavior ultimately harms both victims and perpetrators, breeding more violence in endless cycles.

Justified or not, retaliation is a slippery slope.

We must acknowledge past oppression and resulting pain without dehumanizing others or perpetuating harm in response.

There is injustice in demanding color blindness while remaining willfully blind to lived realities.

Lasting change emerges from truth and then compassion.

A Video That Opened My Eyes to Oppression

I'll never forget the video that opened my eyes to inequality at 15.

Though produced decades ago, its message piercingly resonates today.

For just over 4 minutes, it simply reverses race roles in common scenarios to put oppression in a shocking context.

I wept to see innocuous acts like locking a car door suddenly rendered terrifying through the lens of racism.

My empathy erupted.

I finally witnessed the emotional violence and dehumanization minorities face daily.

A simple role reversal viscerally evoked the real injustice pervading society.

By elucidating oppression from the opposite perspective, the video's message counsels truth through understanding.

We must acknowledge and listen vs. judge. Seeking to truly understand each other is the sole way forward.

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We Must See Each Other's Humanity

Racism persists when groups are polarized into “us” vs. “them” rather than recognizing our shared humanity.

Lasting change requires courageously confronting painful realities.

The only antidote to ignorance is seeking truth and then finding empathy.

I share my experiences here not to complain but to inform.

Only by honestly facing injustice and listening to those harmed do we grow collectively.

My hope is by illuminating struggles that many don't see, it builds compassion leading to positive change.

For we are all imperfect humans doing the best we can with the consciousness we have.

Connection emerges from extending empathy.

By seeing our collective humanity rather than tribal divisions, we can build a society of justice.

But it starts with truly listening to each other's truth.

The video that unveiled my eyes to oppression is linked here.

I ask only 4 minutes to open your mind as it did mine.

Understanding eradicates ignorance, creating space for justice to grow.

This vision keeps me resolute through all hardship – a future where we all recognize our shared humanity.

Key Takeaways: Overcome Racial Injustice Through Understanding as a Black Man

  • Minorities face constant covert racism and oppression invisible to the privileged
  • Social media has exposed entrenched inequity and police brutality to the masses
  • Retaliation breeds more violence. Understanding oppression fosters change.
  • Simply reversing roles illuminates injustice from alternative perspectives
  • If we can acknowledge each other's pain, it brings us closer as humans
  • Lasting change requires seeking truth, building empathy, and recognizing our collective humanity

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