DOVC – #115 – How to Achieve More By Ignoring Your Mood and Just Starting

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How to Achieve More By Ignoring Your Mood and Just Starting

Feeling unmotivated and not “in the mood” to tackle important tasks is one of the biggest productivity killers for entrepreneurs.

You likely put off key actions simply because you lack the inspiration at that moment.

What if you could break this cycle and achieve more by ignoring your mood swings and focusing on starting regardless of how you feel?

In this article, I’ll reveal why your fluctuating mood shouldn’t dictate when you take action.

You’ll learn how to override unmotivated moments and just begin without waiting for perfect conditions.

Here’s what I’ll cover:

  • Why waiting for the “right mood” cripples productivity
  • How to shift focus from the end goal to starting right now
  • Why beginning is the only step that matters, not mood
  • How initiating kickstarts momentum and flow
  • Real examples of how this strategy drives achievement
  • Actionable tactics to apply this to your business
  • Why consistent progress comes from ignoring moods

Don’t Let Your Mood Dictate Productivity

As entrepreneurs, we’ve all dealt with this familiar refrain: “I’m just not in the mood to work on this right now.”

It always sounds reasonable at the moment.

However, indulging in mood-driven procrastination can wreck your productivity.

Here’s the reality – your motivation fluctuates.

Depending on the mood to take action is a recipe for paralysis and stagnation.

There will never be a “perfect” moment where you feel completely eager and inspired to begin important (but often tedious) tasks.

Waiting for your mood to be “just right” leads to endless delays.

Meanwhile, your business remains stuck.

So how do you break this pattern?

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Shift From End Result to Starting Right Now

The key is to stop obsessing about the big, intimidating end goal that requires a long process.

All that matters is starting on the next small step immediately in front of you.

For instance, if launching a business seems daunting, just focus on drafting the business plan.

Don’t worry about anything beyond that.

Your mood is irrelevant.

If you need to write a book, target beginning the first chapter rather than fixating on finishing.

Focus has powerful effects.

Choosing to start regardless of mood kickstarts momentum and unlocks flow.

Before you know it, you are fully engaged in the task.

Your fluctuating motivation becomes meaningless at that point.

Just Begin – The Rest Handles Itself

Here are real examples of how this starting mindset drives achievement:

Imagine an aspiring runner lacking the motivation to lace up their shoes and get outside.

But they start anyway, even slowly. Five minutes in, they hit a groove.

Thirty minutes later, they feel energized and accomplished after a solid jog.

Similarly, a writer may resist opening their laptop to begin an article.

But once they start typing, ideas flow, and energy returns.

They end up producing a sharp piece.

The key is initiating action, however small and regardless of mood.

Don’t overthink it.

Just start.

Momentum takes over once the wheels are in motion.

Apply This In Your Business Right Now

Here are some actionable tactics for applying this high-achieving mindset:

  • Identify an important business task you’ve been delaying due to lack of motivation. Remove the emotion and commit to starting today. Even 5 minutes.
  • Break bigger objectives down into smaller starting steps. Remove obstacles to initiating action.
  • Schedule a challenging task immediately when you sit down to work while your energy is high. Don’t wait for mood.
  • Promise yourself you’ll at least start important projects, then assess continuing once you’ve begun.
  • Replace “I need to do XYZ” with “I just need to start” in your inner dialogue. Much less intimidating!

The energy and drive will build on itself once you stop fixating on mood and just take the first step.

Motivation follows action.

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Tune Out Your Mood and Achieve Consistent Progress

Ignoring your fluctuating mood and taking action regardless of how you feel that day is crucial to consistent progress.

No one is inspired bright-eyed and bushy-tailed every single day.

But by developing the discipline to start despite emotions or excuses, you build momentum over time.

Small daily progress adds up to big results.

The most successful entrepreneurs push past personal moods and negative feelings to put in the work.

Your mood doesn’t define or limit you – it merely ebbs and flows.

But your discipline and willpower remain fully in your control.

So the next time you catch yourself saying “I’m just not feeling it today” – take action anyway.

Just start without overthinking it. Consistency compounds and success builds.

Key Takeaways: Achieve More By Ignoring Your Mood and Just Starting

  • Waiting for the “right mood” to act cripples productivity long term
  • Focus only on starting the next small step, not the big end goal
  • Initiating momentum overrides fluctuating motivation
  • Discipline to begin regardless of mood drives results
  • Tune out emotions and take action if you want consistency
  • Progress comes from repeatedly ignoring your mood and starting
  • Motivation follows action – stop waiting and just get going!

Ready to achieve more by paying your mood no mind?

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