Episode 549 – Forbidden smartphone hack turns phones into money machines

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Episode 549 – Forbidden smartphone hack turns phones into money machines

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🔥Show notes: Unlock the Power of Automation and Skyrocket Your Productivity! 🚀

Imagine being able to accomplish 100 times more work than the average person, all while enjoying the freedom to go anywhere, anytime.

In this podcast episode, Martin Ebongué reveals his secret weapon: a smartphone that's connected to thousands of APIs and automation tools, allowing him to tackle complex tasks with just a few taps on the screen.

Discover how you can transform your life and business by embracing the power of automation and AI.

Say goodbye to endless to-do lists and hello to a world of possibilities!

Some Topics We Discuss Include:
– The two choices you have when it comes to handling repetitive tasks: suffer now and automate, or suffer for the rest of your life (01:26)

– How Martin's smartphone is connected to thousands of APIs and software, enabling him to automate tasks from anywhere (04:00)

– The incredible power of AI: how Martin uses it to write entire emails, social media posts, and more with just a brief summary and a link (06:47)

– Doubling your email open rates by resending to non-openers at optimal times, all automated from your phone (09:14)

– Creating custom programs to extract specific data from millions of websites, right from your smartphone (11:37)

– Automating the entire podcast creation process, from recording to publishing and promotion, with just a few taps (12:55)

– And much more…

Word Of Wisdom:

You have to choose your pain when you want to suffer, I will say, because for me, it's not suffering.

There are two options. You can either have the pleasure now and then suffer for the rest of your life.

Meaning, for example, there is this task that you have to do. It will take you an hour a day.

You're like, No, it's just an hour. Let me do it.

But you will do it for the rest of your life. You will just postpone that suffering stuff.

You're basically going for the immediate gratification of not taking the time because it does take time to plan and fix this, not taking that time to fix it, well, basically will force you to suffer for the rest of your life.
Action Steps You Can Take Right Now:
1. Identify repetitive tasks in your business that can be automated (01:26)
2. Explore how you can connect your smartphone to APIs and automation tools to streamline your workflow (04:00)
3. Leverage AI to create content, such as emails and social media posts, quickly and efficiently (06:47)
4. Implement an automated email follow-up sequence to increase your open rates and engagement (09:14)
5. Join Martin's mastermind to learn how to structure and implement these automation systems in your own business (14:01)
A Few Ways I Can Help You When You Are Ready:
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