Episode 558 – 7 Reasons Why You’re Sitting on a Goldmine and Sabotaging Your Success

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Episode 558 – 7 Reasons Why You're Sitting on a Goldmine and Sabotaging Your Success

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Episode 558 - 7 Reasons Why You're Sitting on a Goldmine and Sabotaging Your Success 1     Episode 558 - 7 Reasons Why You're Sitting on a Goldmine and Sabotaging Your Success 2          Episode 558 - 7 Reasons Why You're Sitting on a Goldmine and Sabotaging Your Success 3         Episode 558 - 7 Reasons Why You're Sitting on a Goldmine and Sabotaging Your Success 4

🎙️ Show Notes: 7 Reasons Why You're Sitting on a Goldmine Without Knowing It
Are you holding back on a brilliant business idea because you think the market is too saturated?
In this eye-opening podcast episode, Martin Ebongué reveals the truth about competition and why you're missing out on a goldmine of opportunities.
Discover how to break free from limiting beliefs and take action on your entrepreneurial dreams today!
Some Topics We Discuss Include:
– The surprising reality of how few people actually know about your market or business idea [01:18]
– Why even those who know about your market might not care enough to take action [04:06]
– The shocking statistics on how many people start but never finish or execute on their plans [05:29]
– How passion and grit separate the few who push through obstacles from the majority who give up [08:04]
– The mind-blowing math on how many clients you really need to build a profitable business [11:11]
– And much more…
Word Of Wisdom:
The people who are at on the top today, these are not the smartest people.

These are just the people who have gone through these six steps. It's that simple.

They push through despite the hardship. They stayed longer than everybody. – Martin Ebongué [13:57]
Action Steps You Can Take Right Now:
1. Revisit the business ideas you've been sitting on and challenge your assumptions about competition [12:47]
2. Go through the six steps outlined in the episode (know, care, start, finish, execute, push through) and commit to following through [13:57]
3. Calculate how many clients you realistically need to build a profitable business and let that motivate you to take action [11:11]
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