Episode 564 – The Surprising Reason Why Successful Entrepreneurs Never Take Advice From Gurus

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Episode 564 – The Surprising Reason Why Successful Entrepreneurs Never Take Advice From Gurus

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🔥Show notes: Unlock The Secret To Avoiding Scams & Losing Money! 🔥

Are you tired of getting scammed and losing your hard-earned money?

Want to learn the one thing that will help you save a ton of money and avoid falling victim to scams?

Then this podcast episode is a MUST-listen for you!
In this eye-opening episode, Martin Ebongué reveals the ultimate sign of trust and confidence that you should look for before taking anyone's advice or investing your money.

By the end of this episode, you'll have a powerful tool in your arsenal to make smarter financial decisions and protect your wealth.

Some Topics We Discuss Include:

– The one crucial question you MUST ask your financial advisor before investing a single penny (and why their answer could save you from financial ruin) [01:18]

– Why you should NEVER work with a Facebook ads agency that doesn't run their own ads (and how to spot the ones that are just gambling with your money) [02:24]

– The fascinating story of how Elon Musk risked everything and put his own money on the line to build SpaceX (and why this makes him the ultimate definition of "skin in the game") [05:09]

– Why bootstrapping is a powerful sign of a founder's confidence in their business (and why you should be wary of those who solely rely on other people's money) [06:21]

– The critical difference between having a vested interest and having skin in the game (and why understanding this distinction could save you from getting scammed) [10:05]

– And much more…

Word Of Wisdom:

Only those who walk the walk should be allowed to talk. – Martin Ebongué [11:34]

Action Steps You Can Take Right Now:

1. Before taking anyone's advice or investing your money, always ask them if they have skin in the game themselves. If they don't, proceed with caution. [01:18]

2. When looking for a Facebook ads agency, only work with those that actively run their own ads. This shows they have confidence in their strategies and aren't just gambling with your money. [02:24]

3. If you're considering a business partnership, ensure that your potential partner is willing to invest their own money and resources into the venture. This demonstrates their commitment and shared risk. [10:05]

4. In your own entrepreneurial journey, focus on talking about and pursuing opportunities where you have personal experience and are willing to put your own skin in the game. [14:02]

References & Resources Mentioned:

– Elon Musk's biography (mentioned as a fascinating read that showcases his skin in the game approach) [05:09]

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