DOVC – #005 – How This Automated Email Server Helps Entrepreneurs & Solopreneurs Save Time And Money

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How This Automated Email Server Helps Entrepreneurs & Solopreneurs Save Time And Money


Relying on external autoresponders for your business' email marketing comes with major headaches – strict message limitations, account suspensions, and costs ballooning as your list grows.

What if you could sidestep these problems by running your own custom email server?

In this article, I'll reveal how setting up your own email server can give you complete creative freedom, protection from suspensions, and affordable flat pricing regardless of list size.

I'll give you an inside look at the exact two-step server blueprint I use in my business to communicate reliably on my terms.


Here's what I'll cover:

– The frustrations of relying on external autoresponders

– How your own custom server gives you full control

– A deep dive into my proven two-step email server setup

– How I build engaged subscriber lists quickly

– Why this strategy saves you money as you scale

– How you can get a done-for-you email server solution


The Drawbacks of External Autoresponder Services

Here are the core problems with running your email marketing through external autoresponders.


They include:

– They limit what types of emails you can send, banning certain kinds of messages

– Your account can get suddenly suspended without warning, losing subscriber access

– Pricing rises rapidly as your list grows, ballooning costs


Relying on these services means you don't fully control your own business communication.

And you live in constant fear of having your subscriber reach taken away unexpectedly.

There had to be a better way.


The Freedom and Control of Your Own Server

After one too many autoresponder headaches, I finally decided to take back control by setting up my own custom email server.


Here are the key benefits of running your own email server:

– Send any type of email you want without restrictions

– Never worry about sudden suspensions halting your messaging

– Pay a flat affordable rate every month regardless of list size


For my business, this has been a game changer – providing creative freedom, business continuity, and predictable costs.

Now let me walk you through how I set up my server.


Check out this step by step guide of how my email server saves me time every day and increases my profits

My Proven Two-Step Email Server Blueprint

My email server system is organized into two parts – customer acquisition and customer nurturing.


Step 1 is acquisition.

  • This is where I attract targeted subscribers interested in my niche.
  • I leverage lead gen tools to build fresh segmented lists aligned with my offers.
  • Then I send new subscribers a short onboarding sequence to gauge engagement. Those who open and click signal clear interest.
  • Those engaged subscribers get moved to step 2, my nurturing sequence.

This is where I provide a steady stream of value to subscribers to build trust over time.

Let me map out both steps in detail…


Step 1: My 4 Email Onboarding Sequence

When new subscribers join my list, I need to segment those who actually want to engage with my messaging.


That's why I developed a 4 email onboarding sequence:

  • Email #1: Goes out immediately when a new subscriber signs up
  • Email #2: 3 days later, follows up with those who didn't open
  • Email #3: 1 week later, third attempt to engage inactive subscribers
  • Email #4: 2 weeks after signup, final effort to spark interest


This provides four low-pressure touchpoints giving subscribers ample chance to indicate interest.

If at any point a subscriber opens or clicks, I know they want to hear from me. So I move them to step 2.

This keeps my subsequent communication relevant and welcomed.


Step 2: My Ongoing Nurturing Sequence

Once subscribers demonstrate clear interest, I transition them to an ongoing nurturing sequence.

This is where I deliver a steady stream of:

  • Value
  • Free trainings
  • case studies
  • actionable tips and more.

The goal is establishing authority and trust.

While also priming them for my paid offers they'll be predisposed to later.

There's no limit on emails for this nurturing sequence.

It can continue delivering value for months or even years.


This is the engine driving sales.

But it only works so well because step 1 filters for engaged subscribers first.

Combined, this two-step setup has enabled me to build a powerhouse email marketing business on my own terms with full creative freedom.


How Running Your Own Server Saves Money

With this system, your costs stay stable no matter how large your list grows.


Here's a comparison of costs with external autoresponders vs your own server:

– Autoresponder: 1,000 Subscribers = $10/mo. 100,000 Subscribers = $500+/mo.

– Own Server: 1,000 or 1 Million Subscribers = Flat Monthly Rate

Your costs rise rapidly with an autoresponder as your list expands, but stay flat with your own server regardless of list size.

Over the long run, this adds up to major cost savings and bigger revenue for your business.


Get a Done-for-You Email Server Solution

Of course, setting up a customized email server on your own requires some technical prowess.

But I've partnered with a team of developers to create a done-for-you solution.

It implements the same proven two-step email server blueprint I use in my business, with everything pre-configured for you.


All you need to provide is your chosen domain name, and we handle the rest:

– Configuring your domain's DNS settings to work with the server

– Setting up your onboarding sequence, nurturing emails, and automations

– Segmenting and structuring workflows

– Ensuring flawless email deliverability


The affordable flat monthly cost includes unlimited emails and complete creative control.

No more worrying about surprise suspensions or restrictions.

If you want to take back control of your email marketing on your own domain, check out my step-by-step video guide above.

This could be a game changer for communicating reliably with your audience on your terms. If you want to explore how this system could be working for your business, let's chat


Key Takeaways:

– Relying on external autoresponders limits freedom and costs more long-term

– Your own custom server gives you stability, control, and flat affordable pricing

– My proven two-step funnel onboards engaged subscribers then nurtures them

– Avoid sudden suspensions, restrictions, and ballooning costs

– A done-for-you solution handles the technical hurdles seamlessly


If you're ready to stop worrying and take back control of your email marketing, an owned server is the answer.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Topics covered:

email marketing, email server, autoresponder, email automation, onboarding sequence, lead nurturing, subscriber engagement, subscriber nurturing, email sequence, email costs, recurring revenue, list building, list segmentation, segmented communication, targeted communication, automated communication, email restrictions, deliverability


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