DOVC – #002 – Start Your Online Business Today with AI Chatbots for Passive Income

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Start Your Online Business Today with AI Chatbots for Passive Income


If you’ve dreamed of launching your own online business but feel overwhelmed by all the moving parts, what if you could leverage AI bots to automate lead generation, sales, and marketing?

This would enable true passive income around the clock without burning yourself out.

In today's guide, I’ll reveal how I used Facebook Messenger bots to eliminate repetitive manual tasks in my coaching business.

Once configured, my chatbot assistants worked tirelessly contacting leads, guiding them through sales funnels, and closing deals automatically.

Intrigued by automating your business?

Read on! I’ll share actionable tips for implementing chatbots along with access to my full course revealing how I earned thousands passively with this approach.

Let's dive in!


Full guide on how to automate your business with chatbots:


Automate Lead Engagement with Chatbots

Responding to sales inquiries and guiding prospects through your funnel manually consumes hours daily. Chatbots solve this.

When a new lead arrives, whether from an ad or content offer, they're greeted by a friendly bot.

Based on the lead's responses, the bot provides customized info, recommends relevant products, and directs them to checkout.

These conversational bots engage leads 24/7, answering common questions and nudging prospects closer to a sale without any effort from me.


Segment and Personalize with Messenger

Messenger lets you segment and tag leads based on attributes and behaviors for hyper-personalization.

For instance, Messenger provides each lead's gender, language, location, interests, and more without long forms.

I can then tailor bot messaging accordingly. Spanish women see different suggestions than English men, increasing conversion rates.

The customization options are incredible when you can instantly identify leads and what they want.


Say Goodbye to Manual Work

In short, Messenger bots eliminate the manual, repetitive work of engaging leads and moving them through a sales cycle.

The bots handle the heavy lifting, providing tailored experiences that build trust and encourage prospects to purchase around the clock.

This frees you up to focus on high-level strategic work that moves your business forward.

And you earn passive income from your chatbots closing deals.


Ready to Automate Your Business?

As you can see, Messenger bots are a game changer for automating lucrative parts of your online business.

I’ve only scratched the surface on the possibilities here.

My full video guide  reveals step-by-step training for successfully implementing chatbots to boost sales.


You’ll discover:

  • How to create multi-step conversational sales funnels
  • Tools for identifying customer attributes to personalize messaging
  • Sequences for nurturing cold leads into purchases
  • Examples of viral promotions through Messenger
  • Tips for advanced segmentation, retargeting and automation

Stop wasting time manually engaging every lead yourself.

Let chatbots handle the work for you!


Key Takeaways:

  • Chatbots enable automating lead engagement, sales, marketing
  • Messenger provides hyper-personalization based on user attributes
  • Bots have 24/7 conversations guiding leads to purchase
  • Focuses your time on high-level strategy versus repetitive tasks
  • Course teaches implementing bots to boost passive income



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