DOVC – #001 – The Ultimate Guide to Automate A Successful Online Businesses

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The Ultimate Guide to Automate A Successful Online Businesses




Welcome back to another episode of my newsletter series, The Diary of a Virtual CEO!

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In this series, I'm revealing all of my proven techniques to automate my business, that allow me to earn thousands in passive income each month.

I have separate playlists where I log into my income streams to showcase proof of earnings.

Today I'm sharing the highly requested guide on how I automated 500 Instagram accounts simultaneously to generate insane lead flow and sales on autopilot!

I'll explain the step-by-step process to automate Instagram so you can learn how it all worked.

Understand that I'm not just talking Instagram here…

The concepts apply across platforms. If you grasp what I did, you can automate any social network like I currently do.

It took 8 years to figure this out through trial and error.

But you can fast track success by learning it here.

Ready to have your mind blown? Let's dive in!


Check out this full video guide on how to automate your business without coding

Key Concepts

To grasp the automation process, we first need a business refresher.


A business has 3 core components:

  1. A Page – Like a website, Instagram account etc.
  2. An Offer – Some incentive for visitors to take action.
  3. Traffic – Growing the account reach and followers.

That's the general model.


But Instagram has 3 specific components needed to operate an account:

  1. Media – The photos and videos.
  2. Captions
  3. Hashtags

So for automation, I had to systemize each piece.


My initial questions were:

– How to automate content creation?

– How to automate captions?

– How to automate hashtags?

Let's walk through my solutions one-by-one.

We'll start with content automation.


Automating Content

Here's the reality – I absolutely hate posting content manually.

It's a total waste of time in my view. I rarely post on my personal Instagram account, maybe once every 2 years.

So how could I run an Instagram account with great content without manually creating posts myself?

Well, I realized I already had a content goldmine!

Years ago, I did a round-the-world trip and took thousands of photos and videos in beautiful destinations.

They just sat unused on my hard drive.

I thought – why not upload them to Dropbox and configure my Instagram accounts to pull content from there automatically?

This gave me an inexhaustible, evergreen content supply without manual posting effort!

I simply set the accounts to grab photos/videos daily.

Problem solved!


Automating Captions

Next I tackled automating captions.

A photo/video needs a caption, but I didn't want to manually write unique ones.

My solution was spin syntax.

This lets you provide multiple caption options the system randomly selects from.


For example:

{Hey|Hi|Hello|Howdy|Good day}! Welcome to our page!

The vertical bars indicate “or”, so the software randomly picks a greeting each time.

This creates millions of unique captions automatically.


Automating Hashtags

Finally, I automated hashtags. I compiled relevant options and configured the accounts to randomly select 30 hashtags per post, adding them in the first comment.

So in summary, I fully automated the 3 core Instagram account components – content, captions, and hashtags.

This removed the daily manual work so I could run multiple accounts simultaneously.

But I still needed to grow them…


Automating Growth

An Instagram account won't expand if it has zero followers. So I also automated the growth process.

Remember it's best to tap into communities already interested in your niche.

I used software to identify the most engaged followers of competitors in my space.

The software then targeted and followed those users to expose them to my accounts.

My irresistible content made many follow me back.

This allowed me to grow accounts with no manual effort.

I simply automated finding, engaging and converting targeted users.

Once I had followers, I could move them into…


Automating Monetization

Growing an audience is pointless unless you monetize them.

So the final step was automating list building and monetization.

I want to emphasize a key fact – your Instagram account isn't really “yours”.

A friend's account was randomly deleted overnight. Don't rely solely on Instagram!

You need your own asset outside their platform – like an email list. This gives you audience control.

Within Instagram I used virtual assistants to auto-message new followers, inviting them to my email list.

This enabled continual monetization through email marketing.

I eventually added Messenger bots to further streamline capturing leads to build my external asset.

But that's a topic for another day!


In summary, through meticulous automation I operated 500 hands-off Instagram accounts simultaneously 24/7 to capture leads/sales at scale.

It took time, testing and money to perfect this system.

But you can fast-track success by grabbing my Instagram automation video guide!

It's your turn to work smart, not hard. Automate the busywork and get your life back!

Check out my video guide to automating your business and reclaiming your freedom!


Key Takeaways:

– Automate content using existing media assets

– Automate captions via spin syntax templates

– Automate hashtags by randomly selecting from a list

– Automate growth by targeting competitors' engaged followers

– Automate monetization through capturing leads with Messenger



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