DOVC – #006 – This automated affiliate marketing research Tool doubled my business in 30 days.

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This automated affiliate marketing research Tool doubled my business in 30 days.


As an affiliate marketer, finding untapped, lucrative programs often feels like trying to find needles in a haystack.

Exhaustive manual research takes ages and rarely uncovers hidden gems.

What if AI could automate the discovery process, surfacing targeted, qualified programs you'd never find on your own?


In this article, I'll reveal how I built an automated affiliate marketing research tool that qualifies 25,000+ affiliate programs in an easily searchable private database updated daily.

I'll show you how it works to uncover under-the-radar affiliate opportunities perfect for your niche.


Here's what I'll cover:

– The frustrating manual process of affiliate program research

– How my intelligent tool works to automate discovery

– The specific data points it looks for to qualify programs

– How it builds a database of 25,000+ options and counting

– Why this surfacing of hidden gems is a game-changer for affiliates

– How it saves thousands of research hours to scale your earnings

– How access can help you tap into undiscovered potential


Check out my automated affiliate marketing research in action in this step-by-step video


The Manual Struggle of Affiliate Research

As an affiliate, finding great programs to promote is crucial but difficult.


The process typically involves:

– Brainstorming potential products and niches

– Exhaustively hunting affiliate links on Google and networks

– Submitting piles of time-consuming applications

– Guesstimating potential payouts from limited data

– Manually evaluating countless options to cherry-pick partnerships


This repetitive manual process kept me stuck in unproductive research limbo.

There had to be a way to surface hidden gems without all the wasted effort.


My Automated Solution That Uncovers Hidden Gems

After too much time spent on manual research, I finally realized I needed a web-scraping bot to automate discovery.

Here's how my intelligent tool works to uncover affiliate programs I'd never find on my own.


The automated affiliate marketing research process:

– Pulls in websites across the web and searches their content

– Identifies 25,000+ affiliate programs and links

– Extracts key data like commission rates, payout structures, average product prices

– Compiles all this data into a searchable private database

– Allows me to filter and prioritize to uncover hidden gems


This tool has been an absolute game-changer – surfacing under-the-radar programs aligned with my niche and ideal payout criteria.

Let me break down exactly how it qualifies programs…


The Data My Tool Uses to Qualify Each Program

Simply identifying potential programs wasn't enough.

I needed key details to evaluate fit and profitability.


Here's what my tool scrapes to qualify each program:

– Niche/category for alignment

– Presence of affiliate links indicating a program exists

– Payout model – recurring, flat fee, percentage, etc.

– Specific commission rates

– Average product price to estimate potential earnings

– Affiliate sign up forms to auto-complete applications


With these data points, I can effectively filter and prioritize the most promising undiscovered programs to promote in any niche.


The Power of My Automated Affiliate Database

Over time, my web scraping tool has compiled a database of over 25,000 qualified affiliate programs – with new ones added daily.


This enables me to:

– Log in and filter/search by commission, niche, payout type and more

– Uncover high-potential hidden gems I'd never find manually

– Identify recurring programs for sustainable long-term income

– Spot lucrative niches I may never have considered

– Assign promoters the best hidden programs for their skills


My database delivers unlimited undiscovered affiliate opportunity tailored to my criteria.


How This Tool Can Help You Tap Into Undiscovered Potential

I rely on this automated solution daily to build my business.

But I open up limited access to partners each year.

If you want to leverage the power of AI to uncover hidden affiliate gems, I'm inviting a handful of businesses to gain access.

You'll be able to log into the database, filter for the perfect recurring programs in your niche, and start promoting undiscovered potential.


If you're tired of manual research and want to tap into untapped affiliate opportunities, then this step-by-step guide will give you the keys.

My intelligent tool can save you thousands of hours while growing your earnings.

Stop leaving easy affiliate commissions on the table.

Let automation unleash your full potential!


Key Takeaways:

– Manual research wastes ages and rarely uncovers the best hidden programs

– My tool uses AI to automate discovery, surfacing 25,000+ qualified options

– Key data points allow me to filter and identify promising undiscovered programs

– The database updates daily as my bots uncover new hidden gems

– This saves thousands of exhausting research hours better spent promoting

– Limited members can access my database to shortcut their affiliate growth


If you're ready to end the manual struggle and tap into undiscovered affiliate potential, this automated affiliate marketing research approach is a total game changer!

I'm available if you want to learn more about it. Let's chat


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