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Martin & Andreea

Hi there,

Our names are Martin & Andreea. in the span of a few years, we went from being stuck at unfulfilling jobs to traveling the world full-time (while earning passive income).

We built a community of like-minded people, who want to spend more quality time with their families and reach financial freedom… All this while doing something they enjoy and are proud of!

If this sounds like you, then you are in the right place and you need to keep reading

Want A Turnkey, Highly Profitable, Agency With Clients That Pay You $2,000 A Month?

Did you know that Chatbot campaigns are 8x more profitable than emails email campaigns?

⚠️ MORE IMPORTANTLY, did you know that you can charge clients upwards of $2,000 per bot campaign, plus retainer fees…?

The ABSOLUTE BEST type of income is recurring income 👍. Recurring income means that your clients pay you every single month, WITHOUT fail. This is the ultimate business model to reach financial independance and peace of mind.

We have been absolutely amazed by the results of our first tests with chatbots.

With our email lists, we recorded click-through rates of only 1% to 3% on a good day.

Now that we have shifted our focus to Messenger bots, we're seeing jaw-dropping click through rates of 35%+.

After perfecting our skills, we started teaching our chatbot blueprint to some of our students, of our closed insider group, and almost overnight they started receiving selling chatbots to businesses for over $2,000+!

…It gets even crazier! Depending on the client, they were even able to charge far more than that.

This is when we realized that a big massive shift just happened in the market 😱! 

Look at the below comparisons of our results on emails vs chatbots

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The 2 Main Reasons For This Big Shift Are...

10X chatbot agency sales page v1 - o6t150 371. Too Much Saturation

Email is an overly saturated channel. Nowawdays, with smartphones, tablets, laptops and the ever growing population on the internet, our email boxes are cluttered with hundreds of emails…

Think about it… How many emails do you get every single day? Have you ever been away for 2 – 3 days and came back to an email account flooded with emails? Well you are not alone, we've all been there.

The first reason why email doesn't work, as well as it did in the past, is because we now have to fight for attention.

Your emails are in a constant battle with your competitors' emails to get noticed. 

Most people have decided to delete emails in bulk… And this is why your emails are not being read. 


10X chatbot agency sales page v1 - o6t150 402. A Chatbot is an interactive channel

Contrarily to emails, chatbots are a two-way communication channel. People can interact with the bots and get immediate feedback.

The fact is that people don't buy from companies…People buy from people!

The more connected a prospect feels to your brand, and the more likely they are to buy from you.

Chatbots allow companies to create this unique bond with their audience and build rapport. This is something that emails can't do (at least to that extent). 

With emails, the conversation only flows in one direction. This is why it is a lot harder to REALLY engage with the audience. 

What if you could have a 1000 CONVERSATIONS at the same time with a 1000 people around the globe?

How would that impact your marketing or your client's marketing?

Think about it… Who do you like to buy from? Some stranger who sent you an email that you can't really respond to? 


Someone you had multiple conversations with and who you feel you know and trust?

The answer is pretty obvious. We want you to understand the psychology behind the reason why chatbots work so well. 

More importantly, we want you to understand why you really need to get onboard NOW! 

Here are some of the reasons why you need to join the movement now 👇

The big Reason why we are so excited about this...

Forget about the insane open rates and killer conversions for a minute…

Chatbots ARE THE NEXT BIG THING in marketing and sales.

The same way email took over snail mail in the past, chatbots are taking over email…

Today, you have a unique opportunity to join the movement, BEFORE your competitors beat you to the punch (and take what's rightfully yours)…

For Andreea and I, there's no turning back. Since we made the move to chatbots, we never looked back…And for a good reason: This fantastic opportunity is too big to miss.

And not only does it deliver insane ROI… It's also super fun to design, create and run messenger bots 😊😊 

The coolest thing about it is that you can literally automate ANYTHING YOU WANT! 🤖

Today we want to show you how to achieve this, too

To do that, we introduce to you:

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The World's First Done-For-You Turnkey Chatbot Agency That Brings You High-Paying Clients That You Can Chagre $2,000 A Month  

Total Value: $17,491 

And we decided to throw in special bonus package:

Bonus Total Value: $3.494

Total Package Value: $20,985

But hey, don't just take our word for it. Let's hear what other experts are saying around the globe!

Brian Swan – USA. Member of the clickfunnels' 2 comma club (At least 1 million dollars in sales) 

Chris Benetti  Australia: The Funnel Division – Elected best funnel builder of the southern hemisphere

Connor Ashley – Canada: Founder of a thriving online community of entrepreneurs – Full-time Traveller

Timo & Kay – Netherlands: Full-time Travellers and successful videographers

Do you still have questions?

Here are the answers to the most common questions we've been asked throughout the years.

Q: I don't use of facebook or messenger extensiveley. So how is this supposed to work for me?

A: Valid question. The simple fact that you don't use messenger yourself doesn't really matter. Why?

Simply because 1.3 BILLION other people on the planet use it EXTENSIVELY.

That's more than enough people to convince businesses to invest in a bot and generate HUGE ROI, don't you think?

Please also consider this: The top dogs on youtube, instagram, vine and other channels were able to build evergreen empires very quickly! NOT because they are better than you, but simply because they got in first.

Q: Why would businesses pay me that much money for a chatbot?

The answer to this is very simple:

A chatbot is an employee that never eats, never sleeps, never takes breaks or holidays and works 24/7, 365 days a year.

This is HUGE for businesses in terms of costs. A bot can make sales at 11pm or book appointements at 3am for the business without having to pay for extra time.

When used wisely (like what you are going to learn in the 10X chatbot agency), a bot can rid a business of 80% of its time consuming tasks.

Q: Do people even like interacting with a chatbot?

Our testing has shown that people LOOOVE using chatbots. I mean people lie but numbers don't.

👉Our chatbots get 90%+ open rates and insanely high click rates of 60%+! 

This is unheard of in email. So yes, people absolutely love chatbots.

Q: What exactly is inside this course? What can I do with it?

This course shows you and GIVES YOU everything you need to create a highly profitable messenger bot agency.

We have done all the heavy lifting for you. The only thing you have to do is to collect money from your clients. 

By everything we mean: 

We created the Bots for you: No need to create your product, it's already there ready to be sold. No coding, no programing required. Just import the bot by clicking on a link and your are off to the races ($10,500 Value)

High converting bot templates for the most profitable markets: We researched the hungriest markets and created high converting bots to solve their problems.

Today, you get those templates handed over to you: Resorts, spa, Real estate, gym, restaurants, chiropractor, dentists. 

You get our high converting sales scripts: Never worry about what to say. We will tell you EXACTLY what to say, and what the clients want to hear to open their wallets. ($2,997 Value)

You also get our secret weapon: This secret weapon allows us to close clients and get them to pay us $2,000 a month WITHOUT having to pick up the phone. Convert prospects into buyers on complete automation. ($1,997 Value)

In addition, you also get this special bonus package added today 👇

Bonus 1: 7 super ninja additional bot templates, that we created to make our life super easy, to automate your daily tasks. ($1,997 Value)

Bonus 2: You also get our proprietary automated onboarding process. This allows you to get clients in the door on autopilot! ($1,497 Value)


Q: How much support will I get in the course?

In this course we go the extra mile for you. Every time we find something cool or something that makes your life a lot easier, we IMMEDIATELY add it in your account.

The course already contains the coolest automations and processes we created internally to automated every possible tasks. This is priceless. 

Our priority is to give you everything you need to succeed. 

We proudly stand behind EVERYTHING we do, and 10X Chatbot Agency is no exception.

We are 100% confident that if you spend time watching the videos, using the templates we provide, importing the bots we give you, you will be able to build a thriving chatbot agency.

When you join 10X Chatbot Agengy, Andreea & I are personally invested in your success.


What's the investement to join 10X Chatbot Agency?

Your investment for 10X Chatbot Agency will be $1,997

That's fantastic value because, all you have to do is sell ONE SINGLE BOT to a client and you make your investment back. 

After that, every month that goes by, you multiply your profits over and over. Remember guys, we are talking about recurring income here.

This is money that will hit your account, over and over again, every single month, without you having to spend your vital energy looking for more clients.

This my friends is the ULTIMATE business model.

Now you have a unique chance to be a part of it. 

Here are some results that our student Alexis has been getting with ONLY 3 clients: 

10X chatbot agency sales page v1 - o6t150 45

Now if you're thinking, “But guys, I don't really want to build bots for clients. Is this course still good for me?”

It's a very valid question that we are going to answer together. The best way to look at this is in terms of numbers.

So, take whatever your current annual revenue from email marketing is and multiply it by 8.

Yes! I said 8 because our messenger campaigns perform 8 times better than the email campaigns!

As long as your conversion rate stays the same (and experience has shown that you can actually get a better conversion rate with bots), then you can skyrocket your ROI with the same audience.  

This is the true power of bots 🤖.

So…that's the ROI you'll get TODAY from 10X Chatbot Agency.

And then you're also getting an amazing bonus package (total value of $3,494+).

You get $20,985 worth of bots, automations and sales scripts today…

For all this, you won't pay $10,000 for 10X Chatbot Agency…

Or even $5,000…

In fact, today, you get IMMEDIATE & UNLIMITED Access to 10X Chatbot Agency for just $1,997.

Just land one client, and you'll make your money back. Every client you get thereafter is straight ROI.

We will show you exactly how you can even automate landing clients by using our dirty little secret.

This is the very best price we ever plan to offer for 10X Chatbot Agency.

(And yes, there's a payment plan in case you were wondering).

👇Just click the button below for the details…👇

💡94% Of our client choose this option


Take advantage of our payment plan: 3 payments of $397

You don't want to be late to the party and wish you had jumped on the bandwagon…

Chatbots are taking over the industry by storm and today is the perfect time to jump onboard. 

There are endless opportunities and the market is not saturated. This means that you could build your empire while others are still stuck with emails (or even worse snail mail…)

But here's the thing: If you wait tool long, the good seats will be taken by other people stuffing their faces with the cake.

YOU will be stuck at the back, fighting for scraps with the other latecomers…

You don't want to be that guy/girl who wishes they had invested when they had the chance…

It's your choice…We made the jump and oh boy, we are so happy we did. We NEVER looked back!

Again numbers don't lie guys:

Below is a graph showing you the exponential growth of chatbots throughout the world.👇

10X chatbot agency sales page v1 - o6t150 48

💡94% Of our client choose this option


Take advantage of our payment plan: 6 payments of $399

Make sure you are not late to the party…

We'll see you inside the course! 

10X chatbot agency sales page v1 - o6t150 33

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