FBC – 520 – The shocking truth about 21 day challenges

If you are thinking about strating a 21 day challenge, please DON’T until you have heard this…

I am going to reveal disturbing facts about those famous 21 day challenges that you hear about everywhere?

Do they really work? 

Should you take part in them?

Are they doing more harm than good? 

All these answers and more are covered in today’s episode

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FBC – 519 – The exact reason why athletes make millions and YOU DON’T…

In today’s episode, I want to touch base on the single most important reason why some people are paid millions of dollars while others earn far less.

Why on earth are NBA players paid such astronomical sums of money while most people are struggling to make ends meet.

If you understand this crucial concept, YOU can change your circumstances, increase your productivity, become more attractive in the marketplace and earn more money.

It really comes down to understanding one simple concept.

All that and more in today’s episode

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FBC – 518 – How to succeed no matter what – with odds against you

Today, I want to tell you about a simple method to come out on top regardless or how bad the odds are stacked against you.

This is a technique that I have used many times with relative success that has helped me defy unsurmountable odds.

The good news is that anybody can do this. You might be in a situation where you think that all hope is lost and that it’s not even worth fighting…

Well think again my friend! There is always a gmiler of light somewhere and today I’m going to teach you how to spot it


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FBC – 517 – The SIMPLE hack to be 40% Happier (GUARANTEED)

Today, I am going to tell you about a simple hack that’s going to help you get rid of 40% of your worry and stress. 

How to I quantify the stress reduction? Very good question that I’m going to answer in the episode.

Since applying this simple hack, my levels of stress and misery have plummeted in a short amount of time.

The good news for you, is that anybody can do this. 

The secret, is just to hear about this cool hack and integrate it in your every day life.

This is an episode you don’t want to miss because happiness is around the corner 

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FBC – 516 – From being depressed to living your best life: “The art of escaping the rat race” – with Lindsay Sutherland

Today I want to bring in a very special guest in the show. Lindsay has become a very good friend of mine over the years and we always have the most amazing conversations. 

She was nice enough to have me on her podcast twice and I was dying to return the favor. 

In this episode, Lindsay will explain how she went from being depressed and dreading going to work every day, to now living her best life.

She was able to escape the rat race and achieve her dream thanks to methods that she’ll share with us in today’s episode.

Her life is simply fascinating and I really believe that she will be an inspiration for many of you, who might be on the fence about making changes in your life.

– You can listen to Lindsay’s podcast on her website (it’s awesome and worth every second of your time so don’t hesitate): 

Check out Lindsay’s website at: https://www.thepassiveincomeexaminer.com/

– Want to learn how to make $5,000/mo in passive income? just text “pie” 33777 (if you are in the U.S)

If you want to get started in business and you need help packaging your knowledge into a product, then Lindsay is the best person to contact!

You know far more than you think, so don’t hesitate and contact her. You might be surprised what she can hep you achieve

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FBC – 515 – The power of networking the RIGHT way

Networking is a huge part of your success. You’ve probably heard the saying: “your network is your net worth” many times in your life. 

So it seems that networking is something you should be doing in one way or another. 

But, there are different ways of networking if you ask me… The right way and the not so right way…

In this episode, I want to tell you about what I believe the best way to network is and the benefits you can get out of it. 

If you are one of those people who don’t really know how to network, when you know you should be doing it, then this episode is for you

For those of you who are interested in learning how we are revolutionizing marketing and the sort of results that our system is bringing, you should check this (it will blow your mind)

=> https://streamsbuilders.com/

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FBC – 514 – The truth about passive income? Is it a big fat lie?

Today, I am going to answer a burning question that some of you guys might have.

Is passive income even a thing? Is it really possible to earn passive income or people are just lying to us.

I decided to dive deep in the subject and at the end of this episode, you will know for sure and will even have hard evidence on the matter

Here is the link I promised you (it will blow your mind)

=> https://streamsbuilders.com/ 

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FBC – 513 – THIS would happen if we all stopped working… SPOOKY stuff..

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you could simply stop working forever? 

What if we ALL could stop working just like that, starting tomorrow? What would be the benefits for our society?

Would this be a good thing? or on the contrary it would lead to our downfall?

If you were considering stopping working altogether and sip mojitos on a tropical beach until the end of times, then this episode is for you.

How about NOT having to do any OPERATIONAL work and still being able to earn a living? Want to find out how that works? 

Then check this out https://streamsbuilders.com/

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FBC – 512 – Here is how YOU can change the world… WITHOUT special skills required

Today I wanted to record this bonus episode for you guys. You get 2 for the price of one today. 

How could you have a lasting, meaninful, profound impact on the world today? Without being a guru or without needing a pedagogy degree?

YOU, yes, I repeat, YOU can change the world starting today by doing these small little things that we are going to break down in this episode.

I hope you’ll like it, but more importantly, that you’ll give it a shot and help me in my quest to change the world


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How To Turn $3,000 Into $50,000 Or Even $100,000

Today, I want to explain how I am going to turn $3,000 into possibly $100,000 with one simple easy habit.

This habit, is one of the many reasons why I live what I call a kickass lifestyle and why I encourage you to adopt it to significantly improve your quality of life.

This is a real story and case study that happened just now (as I am recording this episode for you).

Want to know what it is? Then tune in.

Are you looking for ways to earn money online as a complete beginner? Then this is for you: https://streamsbuilders.com/

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