FBC – 512 – Here is how YOU can change the world… WITHOUT special skills required

Today I wanted to record this bonus episode for you guys. You get 2 for the price of one today. 

How could you have a lasting, meaninful, profound impact on the world today? Without being a guru or without needing a pedagogy degree?

YOU, yes, I repeat, YOU can change the world starting today by doing these small little things that we are going to break down in this episode.

I hope you’ll like it, but more importantly, that you’ll give it a shot and help me in my quest to change the world


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How To Turn $3,000 Into $50,000 Or Even $100,000

Today, I want to explain how I am going to turn $3,000 into possibly $100,000 with one simple easy habit.

This habit, is one of the many reasons why I live what I call a kickass lifestyle and why I encourage you to adopt it to significantly improve your quality of life.

This is a real story and case study that happened just now (as I am recording this episode for you).

Want to know what it is? Then tune in.

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FBC – 510 – The Forgotten Hack To Make More Money WITHOUT Spending Any More Money

In today’s episode, I am going to reveal a hack that helped me make thousands of dollars without spending a single dime. 

Simple trick, yet super effective and sadly forgotten by 99% of people… That includes me until a few months ago.

This simple hack won’t take you more than a couple of hours and will put a whole lot of dollars in your pocket OR help you get that business off the ground.

All the details are in the episode.

Interested in making passive income and never worrying about bills again? Then check this resource:


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FBC – 509 – This Unusual Method Turned A 15 Year Old Kid Into A Rockstar

Today, I am going to tell you about a method that you can use to turn yourself or others into a certified rockstar WITHOUT push backs or resistence.

This is a method that I have created lately and it delivered amazing results (beyond my wildest expectations).

I explain in details how that works, what it teaches, and how you can adapt it to your own goals or those of your team, kids, friends etc…

Make sure to tune in.

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FBC – 508 – 4 words that will make you more productive than ANYBODY you know

Today, I wanted to tell you about a 4 word expression that made me incredibly productive since october of last year.

I learned these words from the late Jim Rohn who was Tony Robbins’ mentor and who taught him everything. 

They single handedly changed the dynamic of my productivity and now I want to pass them over to you after 8 months of intensive repetition.

This also helped me build up new businesses and income streams in the last couple of months.

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FBC – 507 – #1 secret to overcome ANYTHING and beat the odds like a boss

In this episode, you are going to discover a simple life lesson that allowed me to overcome the biggest tragedies in my life while cooming it out much stronger.

This is a very simple concept and yet incredibily powerful and efficient and the best part is that ANYBODY can do it. You will be surpised how EASY it is to beat the odds and reach your goals.

With that said, if one of your goals is to create new income streams so you can enjoy life without worrying about bills and stuff like that, then you should definitely check this: 

This is how I built 40+ passive income streams and I show you 27 of them here: https://streamsbuilders.com/

PS that will blow your mind

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FBC – 506 – The NBT Formula: How I lost 20 Kilos in a short few months with one TINY little change

Today, I want to tell you about a secret formula called NBT (I created that)…

This formula is single handedly responsible for me losing 20 kilos and building 3 new businesses in the last couple of months.

In this episode, I will reveal what that formula is, how it worked for me, but more importantly how it will work for YOU!

If you are struggling to achieve your goals whether it is financial, health, relationship, then you NEED to hear this episode. 

It’s not an over-statement when I tell you that this simple formula COMPLETELY CHANGED the course of my life in the last couple of months and my life will NEVER be the same

Tune in, listen carefully, apply it, and share your success stories with me 

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FBC – 505 – 4 CRUCIAL questions to find meaning & purpose in your life – With Jocelyn Toll

Guys we are officially BACK!!!

The first ever guest in the podcast: Jocelyn Toll will reveal 4 life-changing questions that helped her find meaning & purpose in her life and how you can use a similar approach to do the same. Jocelyn also breaks down her secrets to get the clarity & confidence to achieve her most ambitious goals

After a good year and a half, this is the long awaited episode 505. For this come back episode, I have decided to do something unusual and bring a guest!

I loved every minute of this conversation and I hope that you will aslo discover what an amazing and inspiring person she is.

Want a FREE 30 minute discovery session with Jocelyn to help you in your journey? – EXCLUSIVELY FOR MY AUDIENCE

You can reach out to her here 👇

Website: https://www.jocelynwellness.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jocelyn.wellness/

Email: jocelyn@jocelynwellness.com

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FBC – 504 – Beginners- Want to work less and get better results? Then do this

Are you just starting out and need a solution to get better results while working less? 

Most of the beginners I speak to have the same problem: They work UNNECESSARILY on one aspect of their business that’s killing them…

As a result, they end up throwing the towel and stop doing it all together.

If you are a beginner and you feel overwhelmed by the amount of content and other things you have to do, then this episode will be a blessing.

Make sure to check it out and more importatntly TAKE ACTION

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FBC – 503 – Don’t know what career to pick or what business to start? Then this is for you

I want to start a business but I don’t know what business I should start? 

What would you advise me Martin? What should I do? 

I get these questions all the time and you might be asking yourself this very question right now. 

If it’s the case, then THIS episode is going to be an electric shock that’s going to bring you clarity.

Honestly, if you apply this dirt simple trick, you will be able to, not only pick the right business or career for you, bit also excel and have amazing results

Want to know how that works? 

Then tune in

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