What type Of Business Should You Start? Find out Now

You are looking to start an online business but you don't know where to start. What type of business would give you the best chances of success?

What type of business is made for you based on your goals and your personality? This is EXACTLY what you are going to find out with this quiz. At the end of the quiz you will have crystal clear view of the perfect business for you..

Do you have more than $5,000 available to fund the creation of the business?
What is the main reason why you want to start an online business?
How long can you work on your business every day (realisticly)?
Which of the statements below best describes your technical or marketing expertise?
What type of income would you like to earn from this business?
How much money would you like to earn from this business every month?

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Congratulations! Based on your answers, the ideal and most profitable type of business for you: AFFILIATE MARKETING BUSINESS and here's why:

You can start as a complete beginner because you don't need to create a single product. No tech skills needed

You don't need offices or employees and therefore you can start with limited capital. You can start for FREE

Managing an affiliate business only takes a few hours a day and it's ideal if you can only work on it part time.

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