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Regardless, what kind of business or activity you want to start, you will need a website: There is simply no escaping it. Even if you only want to create a landing page, you need your own domain name. Having your domain name instantly brings you a higher level of credibility and will help you get contracts & deals with brands.

For your website to be visible on the internet, you need a hosting provider. I have extensively tested dozens of hosting providers and Bluehost came out on top in every single category (hands down).

I absolutely love their customer support, ease of use, and reliability. They gave me the best experience out of all providers for the best price. I couldn’t recommend them more. I use them myself for every single one of my websites. If there is ONE THING you need to do regardless the business, it is to get a hosting provider. When creating your account through this link you will, receive a free domain name and will be able to start your blog for ONLY $2.95 /month. Bluehost simply works like a charm guys, and for me it means peace of mind!

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One of the tool has saved me and my team literally hundreds of hours and thousands of a month. Clickfunnels is the perfect tool to help you scale your business, by allowing you to create engaging and professional looking landing pages & funnels in no time.

Sales funnels are an incredibly powerful tool to laser target your audience at each stage of the customer lifecycle. Building funnels usually requires ton of expertise as well as ton of money because you need to hire expensive designers. With clickfunnels, you are one funnel away from your dream business. I can’t even begin to tell you how much sales funnels boosted my business. It’s absolutely insane. This is the reason why I highly recommend clickfunnels to anyone.



ConvertKit is a very powerful ESP (email service provider) with amazing automation capabilities at the best price. You can easily collect leads, send out automated emails or broadcasts. This is an ideal tool to grow your business in full automation without having to worry about the technical aspects.


Samcart is the most powerful shopping cart of them all. I was able in just a few minutes to 5X my conversion rate on one of my businesses. it went from 3% conversion rate to 15% conversion rate (on the checkout page). If you are interested in 5X your money (which I think you are) you should get started with samcart. 14 DAY FREE TRIAL


The hardest part about making money online is not the technical aspect. Indeed there are a lot of tools that allow you to easily build your pages and sites. Finding the right offers that convert is a different story. If you are struggling to monetize your site, shareasale is the perfect solution! I send offers where I make up to $285 per click! You can join in FOR FREE by clicking on the link below. Don't wait

Expert Secrets

This is the book that changed everything for me! It gave me the structure and the clarity necessary to find my voice, build a mass movement and monetize my audience. This is a must read for anybody working online. Whether you are still thinking about starting, or you just started or even if you are an expert. This book gives you all the funnels and the treasure map to turn your dreams into a business and have ton of fun doing it.

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Freedom By Choice Podcast

In my podcast I will reveal everything I went through in my entrepreneurial life and more. My successes, my failures, best-kept-secrets and new strategies you can apply today to jumpstart your success.

I decided to create the most unique and unorthodox podcast out there with no editing, no lies, no fluff!  Just pure honesty, pure value, and ton of fun. Tune in and join my tribe of happy free spirits.