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Go for a Vypr VPN. If you don't know what a VPN is, here is a brief exaplanation.

It's a virtual private network which doesn't help you much but basically it allows you to access the Internet from a different location.

Let me give you an example. Right now I'm in Bali but I need to know how Google will display for someone located in Los Angeles. If I do search, I will open my VPN and I will connect to a server that's in Los Angeles.

And then when I access the internet then it's as if I was in Los Angeles. So it's going to show me what Google will look like if I were in Los Angeles.

So that can help you circumvent a few limitations.

For example, you're in a country where Facebook is not allowed.

It's blocked. Then you can use a VPN to go to another country and therefore access Facebook from that country.

So I use this every single day because I live in Indonesia. Bali is a Paradise Island but it's Indonesia that has a bad reputation, unfortunately.

So sometimes that if I want to sign up to a tool they refused to show me the checkout page because I was in Indonesia.

I just had to VPN somewhere else and then I was able to see it. Vypr VPN  is super powerful.

You can use this from your phone as well as from your computer. Me I use it every day and it helps me in my research for what I have to use it sometimes you know I want to see what something will look like if I were in Australia then I will VPN there.

So if you're looking for a VPN that's reliable and quite cheap then you should go with Vypr VPN. There might be hundreds out there but I can only tell you about the ones I use. Right.

And in terms of pricing, you can have one for like five dollars a month.

It's so worth it because there are so many things I have to do that require a VPN, being in Bali, that it's a no brainer. Netflix for example… or you want to watch a game that's on NBC or CBS or whatever so ABC or whatever.

But you're in a different country and it says “well dude sorry you cannot watch it”. Same with the YouTube video because it's blocked in your country. You can just use this.

OK so I use it for work as well as for my personal life. And I suggest you use Vypr VPN too.


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