FBC – 322 – The true power of traveling

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The true power of traveling.

Today, we are going to talk about some aspects of traveling that are underestimated and misunderstood.

Today I am in Chiang Mai (Thailand), for an event, and got reminded of one of the most important lessons of traveling.

Understanding this basic concept could greatly help with things like low self-esteem, anxiety or stress.

If you want to find out more, tune in to today's episode.

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I came here to deliver a speech at the same conference I was speaking at on Saturday. The conference starts at like 8:00 a.m. It is going to be a nightmare for me.

I'm not a morning person. It's going to be a nightmare. But anyway, we went out to a restaurant and stuff to socialize a little bit with the other speakers. It was really cool because you get to interact with some of these guys and you learn a lot. About not necessarily just what people are doing and stuff like that, but also about people's values and stuff.

So I just met this woman. She told me about how she's a photographer and she went to Tanzania to take some photos about animals, like wild animals and jaguars and lions and stuff. She showed me the pictures. Oh, man, this is really cool. It's crazy. So when you travel, you can meet some really, really interesting people. And this is when you realize that the definition of a perfect life and stuff is very, very subjective.

So there was one guy over there that’s been traveling for the last four and a half years. He's been to forty three countries or something like that. And he’s living on a budget of $5000 a year, but still he is traveling and enjoying the local foods and going to some restaurants and stuff like that and doing stuff. And he seems to be very happy.

And he lives here in Chiang Mai. He's been here for a few months. That's not a lot of money, man. But his thing is not the money, it’s the experience that he manages to get. And he has all these tips about flying and stuff. He said, well, if you fly from there, you can go to like 13 different countries for like 50 bucks and stuff.

It's really fascinating. You take your wishes and your desires and your ambitions as the norm. So you think that everybody thinks just like you. But when you start traveling, you meet people who are light years away from what you want to achieve in life. And they have their own thing that might seem crazy to you, but for them, it’s everything, right?

You know, I’ve met so many people with different ambitions and stuff. They don't care if they're sleeping in a tent or in a hostel or something like that, they don't care. They wake up in the morning at like four. They go surfing, they come back, they take a nap, and then afterwards they just go do like some surfer stuff. I think they're happy.

The true power of traveling

Please understand this. Your definition of happiness or fulfilment in life is specific to you. And the beautiful, beautiful thing about traveling is that you will meet people who have their own definition. And sometimes people live on what you will call the edge because you're not doing the same thing as everybody. Right.

So, you know, there is this this dream of the perfect life. You graduate from high school, then you go to university, then you find a job. Obviously, you meet some woman, you fall in love, then you buy a house and then you have these two cars.

Then afterwards, well, now that you have the house, you have the baby and then stuff like that. You work in this company for your whole life. And then you get your retirement package and everybody's happy.

That's pretty much what we've been sold and what the movies will sell you as the perfect life. And this is the reason why people assume that it's the norm and everybody should do that.

But the people who leave everything behind and start traveling and adventure around the world, you should take a second to go and sit down with them and talk to them. Some people you would be like, dude, you’re completely cuckoo. But some people you might be like, dude, you know what? Your life is really interesting. It's so different from mine.

You don't have to share their beliefs but you can respect and admire the passion that people have. And that's one thing that I admire in people is passion.

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