FBC – 341 – Don’t wait to turn an idea into a business!

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Don't wait to turn an idea into a business!

Hey guys, I am back after 4 days of absence. In this episode I will tell you why you haven't gotten your favorite podcast for the last couple of days and all the exciting stuff that happened.

We are now back on track and ready to cok and roll.

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I managed to get an appointment with a surgeon on Monday in Singapore.

So I left on Sunday and I was in the plane and organized myself pretty well, but I arrived really, really late at my buddy's house. I got there at like 1:00 a.m. or something. So no podcast.

The next day I went to see the doctor and stuff. Well, for those who have been following me, I have been complaining about the pain that I have in my leg for such a long time. And I decided to go and do the whole the full battery of tests to figure out what it was.

So I went there. I went to see a doctor. Then he sent me to do some MRI. Then I saw him again on Monday and he was like, oh, when are you supposed to fly? I was supposed to fly yesterday evening. But he said, well, you need to see one of my buddies because he could actually fix that.

So basically the diagnosis is that I have a tear in my muscle, but it's chronic there and it's been there forever. It's just really annoying. And he said that there was this procedure where they can extract my blood. And then after that they will put the blood in like a centrifuge or something and extract things like plasma or something. And then they will inject it in the area where the muscle is torn to help with the healing process.

But that could only be done if the dude's available. I managed to get an appointment when was it yesterday, yesterday at 4:00 pm, knowing that my flight was supposed to be at five thirty. And I said, dude, my priority is to fix this so I can fly some other time.

But anyway, on Monday when I said it was it was impossible for me to do the podcast, it’s because my buddy has kids. He has four kids. One of those kids is my most favourite kid on the planet. I absolutely love this kid. She wanted to do stuff. She wanted to play with her uncle.

And before I knew it was time for me to go to bed and stuff, and I had to wake up in the morning to go and see other doctors and other exams and everything. And, well, next thing you know, I didn't even have time to do the podcast. But I'm not mad about it because I was spending time with these kids who were really, really cool.

Yeah. So the procedure, I don't know if it was a success or not. The dude identified where the tear was in my muscle. So there is some scar tissue in there because, well, obviously my body has actually been trying to mend itself but it just didn't do it properly.

So in order for it to do it well, he had to go and kind of like scratch the like the scar tissue and all that stuff and mess it up a little bit and then put the serum there so that it will force my body to go and reconstruct everything.

And I'm just such an idiot that I didn't do all these tests and stuff before, to spare me a lot of moaning and a lot of time that I haven't been able to do what I like to do, which is going to play ball.

Don't wait to turn an idea into a business!

Today, the message that I wanted to give you is that there is this this thing that I see quite often on the Internet where people compare entrepreneurs.

For example, let's say today you have an idea. Oh, man, this is a brilliant idea and stuff like that. And then in a month’s time, it’s a business. But when people say business, you just assume big offices and people in suits and then you hired ten people and stuff already and blah, blah, blah. No, no, no. Doesn't need to be anything like that.

Business is just you when have something that leads people to an offer or some content and then from there they have a chance to pay. Right. You can do it by yourself. You don't need a big team. You don't need anything sophisticated. You just need to get something rolling, OK.

It can be a three step process, which is the simpler the better. And I mean don't make it too complicated. But that's what I mean by business.

OK, so and then afterwards you refine it. If it ends up working, then you refine it, you make it more sophisticated. But if you don’t get something started, what was an idea a month ago is still an idea today, and then it will still be just an idea in the next six months or something because you don't take action on stuff. Right.

Your chances of success are infinitely higher if you actually try something. Right. If you don't try, it stays an idea. It's not going to work, man. It's just an idea. Just try and yeah, it might fail. You might identify. Well, you know what? This doesn't work. Let me let me try another one or.

Or you know what? Maybe I should have done this differently. And then you end up making it work. You know, it is just as simple as this. It’s just a mind-set problem. You know, people don't like to fail. They're like, oh, man, if I try and fail, that's the end of my life. The universe is going to implode and stuff. No! Nothing's going to happen to the universe.

That's the message. The time between the idea and the business needs to be as short as possible. So if you have an idea, turn it into a business. A simple, simple, super simplistic business, but make it a business. Don't leave it as an idea.

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