FBC – 402 – How Facebook WILL kill your business this year (guaranteed)

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How Facebook WILL kill your business this year (guaranteed)

Are you using Facebook in your marketing right now?

Is facebook at the center of everything you do onlne?

If yes, you should be very worried because the end is near and this is why…

All the answers in today's episode

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If you are using Facebook today, you need to understand this. And I'm not kidding. Facebook is going to kill your business this year. And it's not maybe, they will.

OK, so if you are one of those people who were always like, oh, Facebook, I use, Facebook, all your leads and everything you do involves Facebook. So you're basically using all these Facebook ads and all that kind of stuff.

And you don't even bother with the rest because there is Facebook, and then you are going to be in trouble, unless obviously you've listened to this podcast and you take action, OK, because I meet so many people who tell me that's all they use.

The good thing is I don't use Facebook. I think I've been banned again, like last time. And I mean, I think I already told you my main thing with Facebook, but they they've shut down my account. They say this is against our policy, but I know how not to be dependent on Facebook, so I don't deal with them.

And I found other ways of getting my needs that doesn't involve Facebook. And you will understand why you all have to do the same thing. And please, especially if you are in that configuration where everything revolves around Facebook, then I will ask you to take action. Right.

First thing that I want to establish is that one is a very, very dangerous number, right in different fields. If you only have one of something, it's a problem. OK, if you only have one search for traffic it's a problem. If you only have one client, it's a problem. Client leaves, you're doomed. If you only have one person in the company who knows about something, if they leave, you're doomed.

So if Facebook screws you over or if they shut down your account, if they do something weird, you're doomed.

How Facebook WILL kill your business this year (guaranteed)

Get a second one. OK, and this is particularly urgent because in the next few months, it's coming very, very fast. You will run into big, big trouble.OK, why?

Ask yourself a very simple question, OK, where is the money in business? If you want my opinion, the money is in B2B, the companies have the money and they have astronomical budgets for advertising that you don't have as a consumer.

OK, so if you want to make it, you can make it big in the consumer space by having lots and lots of clients making it affordable for the clients and stuff.

OK, so unless you've worked in B2B, you don't actually realize how much money there is there. Like, for example, if a company asked you to pay 10 grand a month for this service you'd be like, dude, you're crazy and you're going to find something else. Because as a consumer, you don't have that kind of money to put in service. A company doesn't have this problem. Trust me.

Chances are that when you're dealing with Facebook, you are a consumer, not a business. You don't have the budgets of like Coca-Cola where you have like five million dollars or thirty million dollars to spend on advertising.

OK, so now what does it have to do with you and how is that going to kill you?

OK, so now you've all heard about New York right now with the Covid pandemic. What's happening in New York? New York is hit like no other city in the US. It's empty right now. What do you have in Times Square? You have all these big billboards and flashing lights and stuff with ads and everything.

Now, what's the problem today? Just think about it. The problem is that there is nobody in the streets. Well, because of the virus, nobody is in the streets right now. All this money that they poured in on these billboards and stuff, this is going down the drain. Nobody's looking at it.

So what do you think these companies are going to do in the next couple of weeks, in the next couple of months? Because we don't know how long people are going to be stuck at home. Do you think they're going to do to keep pouring all this money into billboards?

No, they are going to come on the line because these are the biggest companies on the planet. Obviously, they're not idiots. People are trapped at home. People cannot leave their house. So obviously, you need to go get them where they are. So what does that mean when you decide to go online?

Where is the first place that people are going to look at? Well, you guessed it. They're going to look at Facebook, OK? And this is where you get screwed. OK, so maybe you've been waiting until now, like, oh, how is that going to screw up my business?

Now, remember what I told you. I told you that the real money is in business to business. What do you think Facebook is going to do with the cost per click and cost per impression and stuff? Once all these companies who have like three hundred billion dollars of advertising start using Facebook ads, what do you think that they're going to do?

They're going to increase the shit out of it. These prices are going to rise like never before because the people who need them, they have money to pay. Right. It's not the case for you.

OK, so this is what's going to happen to you, because right now, if you are that person who only relies on Facebook, once these big players arrive on Facebook and start pouring more money there, you are screwed because they're ready to pay a hundred times what you are willing to pay.

So your business is going to go down because you only have that source of income or traffic. So you need to diversify, and fast!!

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