FBC – 408 – Want to make money DESPITE the coronavirus? Then do this (not a cickbait)

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Want to make money DESPITE the coronavirus? Then do this

Greetings my friend,

I just released this… And you are going to love it

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If you think that this is a clickbait, then think again.

In this episode, I am going to reveal what you can do RIGHT NOW to still make money despite the coronavirus.

Does it require some expertise or specific skill? Nope!

Here's the deal: The situation is bad and it's only going to get worse before things come back to normal.

If you don't start looking at options to come out on top, then this is going to be a very long road my friend.

This episode could be the solution to your problems.

oh in case you were wondering, there is nothing to sell in the episode, no hidden agenda or consultancy option or whatever.

Only a few really good options available to you that you can do as a beginner that don't require you to spend any money and to buy any product…

sounds good?

Then tune in my friend

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The Corona virus is affecting so many people’s jobs and livelihoods, so if you are right now spending your time in front of a television, Netflix or something, please understand that there is some level of urgency here and you need to do something.

And I'm being very, very honest with you guys, OK? I'm not here just for false urgency and stuff. This is very, very urgent. OK, you have time now to acquire a skill.

That's it is. It is. I mean the numbers that I see in France, eight point seven million. I know people have this help from the state where they work maybe two days per week. So they reduce their salaries to like, I don't know, sixty percent of what it was. So they're still getting money now. But the problem is that this thing is going to keep going.

And then at some point the company is going to tell you, dude, we don't have any money. And you will lose your job. So work on something. OK, I, I'm sorry. I sound like a broken record, but you need to be prepared.

So you know me as you know, I'm always working on something and I have something running that's good. And thankfully I started working on it before the crisis hit. I do feel the crisis in some other areas of the business, but thankfully I was a little bit prepared.

So it's not too late. Don't be the person who will wake up one day where they will lose their job and then they will file for unemployment. You don't want to be in that situation.

But what you want me to do, right? I don't have a product. I don't have a service. I don't have something like that. What do I do?

It's very interesting that when you're back’s against the wall, this is when you are resourceful, OK? And this is a situation where you have to be resourceful.

So the thing is, even if you don't have a product or service, chances are that you do have a network, or if you don't have a network, then you're just going to find one. OK, so what do I mean by this?

So you go to the market and stuff, you buy your fruits and veggies and all that kind of stuff, but do you know why and how the market was created? All right. So previously what happened was that if you wanted some eggs, you had to go through the woods, go see Bob with eggs, and you might have gotten mugged or killed or something like this.

And then if you wanted some onion, potatoes, you have to go see Susan was living on the other side of the woods and you had to go through the woods, get stabbed to death. They take your money, they take your food and all that kind of stuff. Right. For everything. You had to move like left and right.

Everything was scattered until some people realized that. You know what? I know people who have eggs. I know people who have potatoes and people who have tomatoes. And I know people want to buy. Right. So what do I do? I gather all of them in a place called the market.

So when you go to the market, trust me, someone is making money. When someone is making money, they're not selling their potatoes and stuff over there. They're making more money than the people who are actually selling stuff.

Why? Because they are running the market and bringing a network of people together to buy and sell. So this is how people were making money. Do you think that they knew how to raise pigs and grow tomatoes and grow potatoes and stuff?  No, they didn't. They didn't care. They were just using their network. They knew people who had stuff and they knew people who wanted that stuff.

Want to make money DESPITE the coronavirus? Then do this

So if you understand the moral of the story here, this is something that you can do as well, OK? You're a middleman, right? Some people make an insane amount of money by being middlemen. And there are still some businesses that are running that need something. And you just have to look around and be like, OK, these people need this. Well, if I devote my time to finding them clients, then I will take my cut. Right.

You just look at how the how things are going right now, you know. Look at the situation of some businesses, they don't have any money coming in, so they will need to pivot and do something else, so they will need some help in the different field.

So if you find that help for them and you see where they're going, then you can actually be the middleman and then start collecting your money. This is something that you can do. You don't need a skill and know exactly how to do the task.

OK, but here's the thing. A lot of agencies, this is what they actually do. So this can apply to you, but this is what they actually do. So you're contracting an agency to run your ads or something like Facebook ads or whatever.

Right. So they say, yeah, yeah. No problem, we'll do it for you. But what you don't know is that they actually have a contractor who's actually doing the ads for them. They're not the ones actually running the ads in your account. And very often they don't know how to do it.

I had a company where I was selling website development. I didn't know the first thing about e-mail or WordPress or something. I had someone doing that for me and I was collecting my money in the middle.

OK, so these are just two examples, but you can do this in in anything now.

You're going to wonder. Well, yeah, that's very interesting. But there is a problem, right? Why would someone pay more for the service when they could go directly to the person who's providing the service and they're going to be mad at me because they're paying more?

OK, which is a valid point. Right. But here's the thing. You just assume that these people take the time to do their research and actually find the agency. You're bringing convenience. They don't have to go and talk to 500 agencies before finding what they're looking for. OK, so you have a solution. They have a problem and you have a solution. OK, here, here's the solution. Right. So this is big, right?

How do I find these people? It will take me forever? I don't want to do it. It sucks. But if someone does it for me, I will be willing to pay them. If I pay for convenience and speed.

OK, so this is one reason why people will be more than happy if you’re referring them do this.

So that's  pretty much what I wanted to say for those people who are desperate and like, man, you know, I'm going to starve to death and stuff. Now, you have options. Right? You have options. Start thinking about this. Maybe you have someone in your inner circle who knows something that will obviously need clients.

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