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As you know by now, I am specialized in lifestyle design and in operating businesses that don't require my intervention. So for that reason, I limit the number of emails and direct communications regarding questions and advice. Not because I don't link you but simply because I have gathered everything I know in resources that can help answer all your questions. 

Almost everything I know about growing a business and structuring it so that it doesn't need you, or earning passive income without ever running a single ad

Is explained Step-by-step in these online courses


If you're low on time and want your question answered fast, here are quick answers to the most common questions I receive.



If you have purchased a course from me, you will have a support option in the members area where you can ask your questions.

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Are you looking structure your business the right way so that you can work less, save time and earn more?

However you are lost and need the proper guidance, blueprint and roadmap to make it happen? 

I rarely do this but for a limited time I have opened my calendar for strategy calls where we will build TOGETHER the business of your dreams.

The business that runs without you. If you want to be one of the “lucky ones” that get to travel the world and make money while they sleep thanks to automation and growth hacking then let's get on a strategy call together.

This is only for serious entrepreneurs who understand the value of their time:

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