FBC – 207 – One Good Lesson You Can Learn From This Millionaire…

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One Good Lesson You Can Learn From This Millionaire.

Today, we are going to talk about a very good tip that I picked up from one of the richest people in Europe. This is very simple yet super powerful! If you remember this simple quote, you will never run out of motivation to pursue your dreams.

All the answers and more in today's episode.

So I saw this documentary. I think it was like the top ten richest people in Europe.

So number three or something, it was this dude, in like a shiny suit, with the big watch. He was in this private plane and stuff and they were interviewing the guy and I actually misjudged the guy. Right. Because he said something halfway in his sentence, and I didn’t let him finish. And I was like, you’re a jerk. But, you know, afterwards it made sense. So the dude said this.

He said “I am working to have a big house, a big car and a lot of money in my pockets”. At which point I said, dude, you're a jerk, right? But then the second part of the sentence was interesting. He said, “But I'm not working for my boss. I have a big house, a big car and none of the money is in his pockets. So after I heard that, I was like, it's a simple sentence, right.

One Good Lesson You Can Learn From This Millionaire.

But when you think about it, you're like, oh, yeah, it does make sense, right? It really does make sense. So this guy actually loved the money but just didn’t do that for the boss. But still, he was making something happen for himself instead of for someone else.

I mean, right now, a lot of what you're doing is actually making your boss richer. But yeah, what you want to do is to be able to do stuff that's for you. You don't have to be selfish or anything, but just you need to understand the reality of this. So all the efforts that you put in, are helping make somebody else's dream come true instead of yours.

So the moral of this whole thing is, you know, if you have a little bit of time, make it count and remember the sentence. Even though I don't know the dude. So I was judging the guy. I just saw him on television and there’s some editing and all that stuff.

So I don't know, maybe the dude's cool, but just this sentence from this guy seemed very obnoxious. But it makes a lot of sense. So if you‘re working to buy a big house, buy a big car and have a lot of money in your pockets, don't work for a boss to buy a big house, to have a big car and put a lot of money in his pockets. This is just an example, of course. Take the house, the money, replace it with whatever is of interest to you.

You can say you know what? I work so that I can spend time with my kids. I can travel all year and I can have fun in life. Right?  And this is going to motivate you. Because life can be fun if you want to make it fun. Right. So just make it fun according to your standards. This should be your objective. Instead of making it fun for someone else.

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