FBC – 358 – The secret to become the best of the best?

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What if there was a method to become the best at what you do?

Would you be interested to know what it is?

Today I found what COULD be the answer in the most unusual place… I honestly never would have guessed that this would happen.

All the details and more in this episode.

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Today I saw a snippet of an interview of an NBA player that I really don't like. But he said something that's actually very, very deep and very smart. And, you know, you have to give respect where respect is due.

So it all started with the fact that he recently declared that he is the best defender in history of the NBA, which is obviously not the case. That's the kind of guy he is. Showing off and being loud and shouting all the time and stuff. I hate the guy. I don't like him.

But he explained a little bit about his mind set and philosophy and stuff. And I do kind of understand where it's coming from.

So, again, as I said, he said, well, I'm the best defender ever. And there was a big hoo ha around this. People were like, oh, how dare he say something like that. And obviously, you know, journalists have been asking him like, dude, who do you think you are saying that you're the best defender in history.

And what he said is very interesting. He said that, well, here's the thing. My mentality is that as long as I’m playing that will be my mind set. Right. That he is the best at what he does because and that's where it becomes interesting.

He also said you don't accidentally become the best at something. It doesn't just happen like this. At some point you have to believe that you can be the best and if you don't believe in it is not going to happen. So if you're convinced that you are the best, you're going to push in that direction. Right. And that will give you a chance of actually becoming the best at what you do.

OK, so before I just saw him as the biggest jerk on the planet. But I do understand what he said and what he said was also that, you know, it's not like you can magically wake up and accidentally you're the best at something. Right. It's because at some point before you became the best, you said, dude, I think I have a shot at becoming the best and then you put in the effort.

You need to have that conviction that, you know what? I'm good at what I do.  But that can manifest in various different forms. Right. You know, you can be an obnoxious, loud mouth, like this guy, or you can be less vocal about it.

The secret to become the best of the best?

Steve Jobs has said, well, the people who change the world are those who are crazy enough to think that they could actually do it. Right. So people who came up with, I don't know, like the tunnel under the channel, the Eurostar thingy. I mean, just imagine the first meeting when some dude showed up and like, well, we need a suggestion.

Some dude was like, let's dig a hole under the ocean. I'm pretty sure people laughed, but that dude was crazy enough to believe it, and it actually happened.

My buddy who interviewed me yesterday, when we were talking, he said he does all these like exercises and stuff and he explained how it worked because I was like, dude, you know what? I've never actually been a believer in that kind of stuff.

So I asked him, well, I'm not the type of guy who would need all of these exercises and stuff like that. Can you give me an example of, you know, what you do and stuff like that, how it works for you?

And what he said was this. He said, look, I try to imagine myself in the situation, let's say you have a goal, right? I don't know, like a business goal or not just business. So you think about, OK, my business is doing this and then me personally, this is what I'm doing. And then in my relationship, this is what I'm doing.

So you see that person over there, that person's not you, obviously. It's just some person you're aspiring to be in the distant future, like a hypothesis. Right. And your brain doesn't actually make the difference between what's real and what's not real. You actually tell your brain what to do.

And he is basically trying to imagine, OK, so what is this person that I'm going to be in the future doing? Right. What is this person eating? How is this person interacting? How does this person dress?

Instead of waiting until the situation manifests, he will write down all these things that this imaginary person who is supposed to be him in a few years. And he will do them now so that he will actually become that person that he’s visualizing in the future, and that will give him the best chances of making things happen for him. OK, so I thought it was really interesting.

I was like, oh, that's a pretty good methodology. Well, in the beginning it's hard, right? In the beginning, you don't believe it, right? You're like, oh man, I'm this and I'm doing this. And in the beginning it's hard because, you know, it's not the case. But the more you do it, apparently, and the more you actually practice what you see in the distant future, the easier it gets.

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