FBC – 425 – Every entrepreneur has a different approach.

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Every entrepreneur has a different approach.

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FBC - 425 - Every entrepreneur has a different approach. 1     FBC - 425 - Every entrepreneur has a different approach. 2          FBC - 425 - Every entrepreneur has a different approach. 3         FBC - 425 - Every entrepreneur has a different approach. 4

Today I came very close to giving everything up and changing career in an instant…

Why? Because I almost forgot about one simple rule that can make or break you.

See, ignoring this rule will for sure put you in a downward spiral that will shatter all your dreams and chances and being successful.

I will tell you more about it in this episode.

Obviously, I want my mistakes to serve as an example so that you never put yourself in this precarious situation (even if it’s easier said than done)

More details inside

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

“The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it.”
– Debbi Fields, found Mrs. Fields Cookies

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Listen To It On Your Favorite Platform:
FBC - 425 - Every entrepreneur has a different approach. 5     FBC - 425 - Every entrepreneur has a different approach. 6  FBC - 425 - Every entrepreneur has a different approach. 7         FBC - 425 - Every entrepreneur has a different approach. 8


FBC - 425 - Every entrepreneur has a different approach. 9

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FBC - 425 - Every entrepreneur has a different approach. 10

There is this this guy that I know, the guy is really smart. I actually met him once when he was here in Bali. And I've been following the guy for quite a while. You know, brilliant French guy is based in Thailand.

And, you know, he usually travels quite a lot. And now that we're in confinement and we're saying home, he decided that, oh, you know what? I should maybe throw a conference and he's going to gather twenty seven French entrepreneurs and get them to speak on different subjects for a whole week. So the whole thing has been going on for a week and today is actually the last day.

So the interesting thing about this is that all these people are doing something different. And you realize that there are hundreds of different ways to do it. Right, because all these people, they do different stuff, even in the same field, like some people are in e-commerce, some people are in affiliation and they all do something different, which is crazy.

At some point you will be attracted by the shiny object syndrome, right? So you see a conference and this guy is doing this and you're like, oh, man, that's really cool. I want to do that. And you're like, oh, let me try this. And then you see someone else and he's doing something cool. Seems to be working for him. Oh man, this is really cool. I want to do this and stuff.

So there are a few instances in these conferences where I was like, oh yeah, that will be interesting. I should look into that. And also the good thing for me is that I already have things that are established and they're pretty constant, so it is bringing me revenue, which gives me a little bit more option to go out and check new things.

But I just realized that for you, for example, if you're listening and you just starting out, this is what it must be like for you. Which one's better? Because when people tell you that what they're doing is best on the planet and all that kind of stuff, it’s very hard for resist.

And this one, I'm going to pursue this one because it is in my actual core business. OK, so my actual core my core business is an email business. And there is this guy. And he is dealing with like email databases that he wants to segment and stuff. And I've been looking into ways of segmenting my database a little bit better.

And I was looking in one direction and he's looking in a completely different direction that I didn't even know existed. And this thing is the business.

Every entrepreneur has a different approach.

So I'm actually going to pursue this and I have a call with the guy tomorrow. Really nice guy, actually, so we can we can talk about it and he can explain a little bit more. But it was very hard, you know, to discipline myself and to say, look, here's the thing.

You're running your race right now. It is going great, right? And all I have to do is just stick to my guns, stay in my lane and keep doing this. And despite that, despite the success and the encouraging growth of what I was doing there, I was still getting side tracked by looking at what some other people are doing.

OK and this is something that you guys probably go through. So whether it is that you're just starting out and you don't know where to start. And very often you try something and you're not patient enough.

If you see someone who is telling you, oh, man, this is so cool. And then you stop everything you are doing and you move to the other one. And then once you're there, same thing will happen.

So if you already have something that you you're pursuing and it matches the lifestyle that you want to have, does this shiny object take you there or not really. Because the last thing you need are distractions which spread your time and resources too thinly.

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