FBC – 468 – What if you could travel through time?

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What if you could travel through time?

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FBC - 468 - What if you could travel through time? 1     FBC - 468 - What if you could travel through time? 2          FBC - 468 - What if you could travel through time? 3         FBC - 468 - What if you could travel through time? 4

We've all wanted to be granted this super power at least once in our life right?

What if you could travel through time? What would you do?

Have you ever given it some thought? I presume that you have BUT I know for sure that you haven't considered what I am going to tell you in this episode.

Could there be a better use of this ability than the option you are considering right now?

For example, which way would you go? The past or the future?

This might not seem super important but the consequences and ramifications of this simple choice could change everything for you.

This is a very interesting philosophical question and I really suggest you tune in to today's episode

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”
-Jim Rohn

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FBC - 468 - What if you could travel through time? 9

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FBC - 468 - What if you could travel through time? 10

So just imagine you were granted a wish, OK?

You have a power, but you can only use it once, OK? So you can travel in time. Right.

What would you choose between going back to see your 16 year old self, right, or travel to the future to see your 95 year old self?

You can only do one, you can't do both, which one would that be like? It's a very interesting question. I never actually thought about this and I heard it somewhere and I was like, oh, this is actually very interesting. Which one would I pick?

OK, so, you know, what would be your choice?

There are two ways of looking at it. You can go back because you have some sort of regrets for something of stuff you haven't done or you can go forward and talk to your 95 year old self.

So let's take the advantages of going back to your 16 year old self. So if you go there, obviously, I mean, there are a lot of things that you'll be able to tell that 16 year old self, you know, stuff about, I don't know, like some new technologies that came out, some stuff that they can do business wise, what's coming.

Don't go out partying with the friends. And you pick this woman there. I think she's the one blah blah, blah, stuff like that. Right.

Help this immature young person to be more responsible and more ambitious and stuff like that, you know, get their life straight and basically live a more successful life. I will say I think that's what a lot of people would do.

When you look at it, you're like, why would I go see this old dude right when I can go back and help a sixteen year old self who has a lot more to live? And my life is going to turn out a lot better.

So this is what I've always thought. But obviously that will make me a very different person.

So now so why would anybody go and see that old fox at the end of their life?

What if you could travel through time?

So here's the thing. There was a nurse and she was working in the hospital unit with people in terminal critical condition or something. I mean, they're very old.

She's been around a lot of people who are going to die because they're very old. And she was talking to those people and eventually she realized that they all had kind of like the same regrets. And they had nothing to do with, like, business.

I wish I had worked less, I wish I had the courage to express my feelings, I wish I lived the life that I wanted to live instead of living a life that everybody else wanted me to live. I wish that I was a better friend and stuff like that, you know?

So things that have nothing to do with success in the way that we label success, you know, the money, the blah, blah, blah, the business and all that kind of stuff.

So that young person will be successful there. But what happens is that at the end of your life and she's seen like so many of these people, she actually wrote a book and stuff. And then there were some studies that were made and they realized a lot of this thing, these things actually, that you will go and tell your 18 year old self, most of them wouldn't actually matter at the end of your life.

You will regret all the things that you haven't done, more than the things that you have done and the all the things that you haven't done is not worrying too much about how to be successful.

Out to impress people and blah, blah, blah, etc., which will mean that, for example, if you come back from there, from now on, let's say you're still 30, you still have sixty five years of kind of like finding what really matters to you, what like true happiness will be.

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