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My honest Review:

Today I want to introduce you to It’s a tool that allows you to automate and optimize Facebook ads and save so much money on Facebook campaigns.

We all know that Facebook advertising is very hard. A lot of people try to people, and a lot of people fail miserably. Sadly, you might be one of those people who failed before. is the solution to your problems. It has a whole suite of tools that allow you to get a better ROI on your campaigns.

Here is a brief explanation of what you can find in

  • Connect audience will allow you to synchronize your autoresponder directly with Facebook. What does that mean? It means that anybody you have in your email list is tracked and synced with your audiences in Facebook. For example, you can set a rule that says that if the person clicks on your weight loss link should go in a custom audience on Facebook. You can then target them with retargeting ads.


  • Connect the leads allows you to run the lead ads campaigns where people don't actually need to type their email address. They just need to press the button to accept. Their email address is already in the Facebook API and it's transferred automatically to you. The only problem is that, normally, Facebook will create a list that you need to export manually and then import in your autoresponder which is a drag right? This tool will allow you to synchronize the whole thing automatically.


  • Connect retarget is a killer. So I recorded a podcast recently about how you can delay your Facebook pixel on your Website so that you will exclude all the bots and the people who weren’t impressed by your stuff. Connectretarget allows you to set some rules to target only people who match certain criteria: People who stayed more than 20, 40 or 60 seconds on the Website. If someone spent 20 minutes on your Website it's a far better lead than someone who spent three seconds.


  • Connect explore is pretty insane as well. Allows you to create different conditions or layers when targeting an audience. For example, give “people who like dogs and like Pitbulls And David Hasselhoff. Right. Obviously, the population will be smaller but these are super targeted.


I recommend you get the whole suite because this is going to fully automate all your marketing (including your email campaigns)

The big advantage of is that everything is integrated in the same tool. You're not trying to integrate tools from different vendors. You have one suite that will automate everything for you.

What about pricing

You have like the $47/month version. You're not locked into a contract and you have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't like it you can get your money back.

These products are super powerful together so I will suggest that, if you have the budget, you get them.

They're going to make you so much money

This is my special link and if you buy from this link, you will make my day, because I will get a commission for that referral.


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