Ozobot Review

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Looking for a revolutionary way to incorporate robotics and coding into education? Look no further than Ozobot, the leading brand that is revolutionizing the classroom. With their innovative coding robots and STEAM-based learning solutions, Ozobot is changing the way students learn and engage with technology. From hands-on STEAM Kits for grades K-5 to virtual or in-person Professional Development programs for teachers, Ozobot offers a wide range of resources to bring the exciting world of robotics into any learning environment. With their latest Evo App update, users can customize their robots, access coding tips, and more. Join the Ozobot community today and unlock a world of interactive, inspiring, and engaging learning opportunities for educators, parents, and students alike. Don't miss out on the chance to bring Ozobot and STEAM to your home or classroom – explore their store now and experience the future of education.

Ozobot Review

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Why Consider This Product?

When it comes to innovative coding robots and STEAM-based learning solutions for education, Ozobot is a leading brand that stands out from the crowd. With their award-winning products, Ozobot is redefining the role of robotics in the classroom and providing students in grades K-5 with fun and educational experiences that are aligned with educational standards. If you're looking to engage your students with hands-on learning and foster their interest in coding and STEAM subjects, Ozobot is definitely a product worth considering.

Ozobot has earned its reputation as a top choice for educators due to its effectiveness in enhancing learning outcomes. The use of robotics has been shown to improve problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and creativity among students. Research also suggests that incorporating robotics into the classroom can increase student motivation and engagement, leading to improved academic performance.

Moreover, Ozobot has received numerous accolades in the field of education. Its STEAM Kits have been recognized for their effectiveness and alignment with educational standards. On top of that, Ozobot offers virtual or in-person Professional Development programs that help teachers seamlessly integrate STEAM into their curriculum. This additional support ensures that educators have the necessary tools and knowledge to maximize the impact of Ozobot in their classrooms.

Features and Benefits

Hands-On Learning with Ozobot STEAM Kits

Ozobot STEAM Kits offer hands-on learning experiences for students in grades K-5. With these kits, students get to engage with coding robots in a fun and interactive way. By teaching coding concepts through play, Ozobot effectively captures the attention and interest of students. The kits come with various coding challenges and activities that encourage students to problem solve and think critically.

Personalized Robotics with Evo App

Ozobot's latest Evo App update allows users to personalize their robots, making the learning experience even more engaging and interactive. Through the app, users can access Blockly and Color Code tips to enhance their coding skills. This feature allows students to take ownership of their learning journey and explore their creativity with robotics.

Teacher Resources and Professional Development Programs

Ozobot understands the importance of supporting educators in their mission to bring STEAM into the classroom. That's why they offer virtual or in-person Professional Development programs where teachers can learn how to effectively integrate Ozobot into their curriculum. Additionally, Ozobot provides a wide range of resources for educators, parents, and kid creators on their blog. These resources include lesson plans, activity ideas, and tips for using Ozobot in the classroom.

Grants and Funding Opportunities

To further support educators and educational programs, Ozobot offers grants and funding opportunities. These resources can help schools and institutions acquire Ozobot products and implement STEAM-based learning initiatives. By providing access to funding, Ozobot aims to make their products accessible to a wider range of educational institutions.

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Product Quality

Ozobot prides itself on the quality of its coding robots and learning solutions. The brand's commitment to excellence is evident in the numerous awards and recognition it has received. Ozobot products are known for their durability and reliability, ensuring that they can withstand the demands of classroom use. Ozobot also collaborates with educators and experts in the field of robotics to continuously improve their products and ensure they meet the needs of educators and students.

What It's Used For

Enhancing Coding Skills

One of the main uses of Ozobot in the classroom is to enhance coding skills among students. By engaging with the robots and completing coding challenges, students develop a solid foundation in coding concepts and logic. Ozobot's Color Code system allows students to start coding without the need for screens or devices, making it accessible for all students regardless of their technological background.

Fostering Creativity and Problem Solving

Ozobot encourages students to think creatively and develop problem-solving skills. The open-ended nature of the coding challenges provided by Ozobot STEAM Kits allows students to explore different solutions and develop their own unique approaches. This fosters creativity and independence in their learning journey.

Integrating STEAM Education

Ozobot supports the integration of STEAM education into the classroom. By combining concepts from science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, Ozobot helps students make connections between different subjects and develop a holistic understanding of the world around them. Ozobot's learning solutions enable educators to seamlessly incorporate STEAM into their curriculum.

Promoting Collaboration and Communication

Ozobot activities often involve group work and collaboration, promoting teamwork and communication skills among students. Students are encouraged to work together, share ideas, and solve problems collectively. This not only improves their social skills but also prepares them for real-world scenarios where collaboration is essential.

Ozobot Review

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Product Specifications

Here are the specifications of Ozobot's coding robots:

Robot TypeInteractive coding robots
CompatibilityCompatible with various devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.)
Programming LanguageBlockly, Color Codes
Age RangeGrades K-5
Power SourceRechargeable battery
Dimensions (approx.)1 inch in diameter
Weight (approx.)0.6 ounces

Who Needs This

Ozobot is designed for educators and students in grades K-5 who are looking to explore coding and STEAM subjects. Whether you're a teacher wanting to enhance your curriculum or a parent looking for educational resources at home, Ozobot provides the tools and support needed to make learning engaging and interactive.

Ozobot Review

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Pros and Cons


  • Enhances coding skills and logical thinking
  • Encourages creativity and problem-solving
  • Supports STEAM integration in the classroom
  • High-quality, durable products
  • Offers professional development programs
  • Provides grants and funding opportunities


  • Targeted towards grades K-5, limiting its use for older students
  • Limited compatibility with devices


Q: What coding language is used with Ozobot? A: Ozobot uses Blockly and Color Codes as programming languages, making it accessible for students of all ages.

Q: Can Ozobot be used without screens or devices? A: Yes, Ozobot's Color Code system allows students to start coding without the need for screens or devices, promoting active and hands-on learning.

Q: Are there curriculum-aligned resources available for educators? A: Yes, Ozobot offers a range of resources such as lesson plans, activity ideas, and implementation guides that are aligned with educational standards.

Q: Can Ozobot be used at home for homeschooling purposes? A: Absolutely! Ozobot's hands-on learning experience and educational resources are suitable for homeschooling and can be easily integrated into home learning environments.

Ozobot Review

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What Customers Are Saying

Customers have expressed their satisfaction with Ozobot's coding robots and learning solutions. They have praised the brand for its effectiveness in enhancing coding skills and promoting creative thinking. Many customers have also appreciated the user-friendly nature of Ozobot's products, making it accessible for students of various ages and technological backgrounds.

Overall Value

Ozobot offers exceptional value for educators and students alike. Its innovative coding robots and STEAM-based learning solutions provide a unique and engaging learning experience. By integrating robotics and coding into the curriculum, Ozobot helps students develop essential skills and prepares them for the future. With the additional support, resources, and funding opportunities provided by Ozobot, educators can easily implement and maximize the impact of STEAM education in their classrooms.

Ozobot Review

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Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To make the most out of Ozobot and ensure the best learning experience for your students, here are some tips and tricks:

  1. Familiarize yourself with Ozobot's programming languages, Blockly and Color Codes, to effectively guide your students.
  2. Encourage creativity by allowing students to experiment with different solutions and approaches to coding challenges.
  3. Incorporate Ozobot into cross-curricular activities to promote interdisciplinary learning and holistic understanding.
  4. Utilize Ozobot's professional development programs to enhance your knowledge and skills in integrating STEAM education into your curriculum.
  5. Stay connected with the Ozobot community through their blog and social media channels to access valuable resources and stay updated with the latest updates and features.

Final Thoughts

With its commitment to redefining the role of robotics in the classroom, Ozobot is undoubtedly a frontrunner in providing innovative coding robots and STEAM-based learning solutions. By offering hands-on learning experiences, resources for educators, and grants/funding opportunities, Ozobot is dedicated to making coding and STEAM education accessible to all. With its recent Evo App update, Ozobot continues to stay at the forefront of educational technology, providing personalized learning experiences that are engaging and interactive. Bring Ozobot and the world of STEAM into your home or classroom today and watch as learning becomes a fun and inspiring adventure.

Product Summary

Ozobot is a leading brand offering coding robots and STEAM-based learning solutions for grades K-5. They provide hands-on learning experiences, professional development programs, and resources for educators, parents, and kid creators. With Ozobot, learning becomes engaging, interactive, and inspiring.

Final Recommendation

Considering the effectiveness of Ozobot in enhancing coding skills, fostering creativity, and promoting STEAM education, it is highly recommended for educators and parents seeking to provide an interactive and engaging learning experience for students. Ozobot's commitment to quality, professional development programs, and ongoing support further solidify its position as a top choice for integrating robotics into the classroom. Explore Ozobot's store today and bring the world of coding and STEAM to your home or classroom.

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