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Here’s my honest review of Samcart. It’s an amazing shopping cart that I've been using for years and that brings amazing results. So I'm going to dissect why I think this is a must for you guys, and also, tell you a little bit about the results that I had with it. I had a weight loss product that I was selling in France and my conversion rate wasn't great. Basically, I had people clicking on the buy button and only three percent of them actually bought the product. So my problem wasn't the service page or anything. It was at the checkout stage. So I looked for options to tackle this problem and then I found Samcart. After switching to Samcart, I went from 3 percent to 15 percent conversions almost overnight. In other words, I multiplied my conversion rate by five, just by switching to this tool, and I'm going to explain why. When everybody else in the internet marketing space was focusing on split testing sales pages and funnels, Samcart decided to split test checkout pages. Why Checkout pages you ask? Because this is where the money is. The checkout page is the stage where people have their card in their hand and are ready to give you money. For that reason, Samcart conducted the biggest split testing ever made on checkout pages. After gathering and analyzing the data, they created high converting checkout page templates that you can use as your own. This is why I decided to sign up when they first launched their service. Why do Samcart checkout pages convert? They convert like crazy because you have the ability to add various elements to your checkout page. Stuff like
  • A compelling headline
  • Your logo
  • Benefits of buying the products
  • Testimonials and reviews for social proof
  • Guarantees and trust seals
  • Bump offers to increase the average order value (25% of the people buy it)
  • The order summary which is absolutely awesome because people can see exactly what they're signing up for.
I made so much money with this tool!. It's absolutely awesome. So instead of having a plain checkout page, where people have to enter too much information, with Samcart, you can choose what information you want to collect. I recommend sticking only to the relevant and necessary information. Another plus of Samcart is that it integrates with your favorite apps: Zapier. OK. So let's say you're using active campaign or Convertkit for your e-mails. When someone buys something from you, you can, automatically, add them to a specific list on your autoresponder. Add them to a buyer's list for example and then send them their credentials. This works with the major autoresponders like Aweber, Getresponse, Convertkit, Infusionsoft, constant contact, active campaign and many others. Samcart is free for 14 days. You're going to see the difference in conversions straight away! Make sure to click on the link to get your 14-day FREE trial of Samcart

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