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This is an honest review of Shareasale, which is one of my favorite affiliate networks.

Shareasale has so many different offers, that you can find pretty much anything you want to promote.

They even have products in some markets like basketball, and similar sports, where people are super passionate.

The good thing with sports is that, if someone is a fan of a team, they are very likely to go and buy products related to that team.

You can find markets like

  • Home and garden
  • Fashion
  • Hosting providers
  • Accounting softwares
  • Wedding rings
  • Travel
  • Debt relief
  • Financial products
  • Relationships
  • Weight Loss
  • You name it

The good thing with Shareasale is that you don't have to pay anything to gain access to the platform.

It's absolutely free so I highly recommend you start here. You can start making money online without paying to become an affiliate! How cool is that?

In addition, you can find some really good products that people are raving about.

For example, makeup products are extremely easy to sell. And to be honest, it’s like the makeup market is going to expire anytime soon.

It will be very easy for you to sell products and earn commissions. OK.

You also have detailed reporting showing all the clicks, leads and sales that you made in the last couple of days or months.

When looking for the best affiliate program, you can sort the results by:

  • Brand
  • Trending merchant
  • category

If you take the sports market, for example, you can even sort the results by team:

  • New York Giants shop
  • Denver Broncos
  • Houston Texas
  • Miami Dolphins

For example, how hard do you think it is to find someone who lives in Miami AND who's a fan of the dolphins. I'm pretty sure it's easy right?

Let’s say that I wanted to promote the giants for example. The merchant would pay me 10% commission per sale. All I have to do is target new Yorkers and there is a good chance that I would find suitable candidates.

The number you want to pay attention to is the EPC (earning per click). It means that for every click you will generate, you'll earn X many dollars, on average.

For this program, for example, the EPC is $8. Which means that you would make, on average eight dollars per click.

So if you send a hundred clicks you're likely to get $800 dollars back.

So let's find something elsewhere people are super passionate… What about Weddings rings?

People spend a ridiculous amount of money for their wedding and this is one of the rare occasions where prices don’t matter as much.

You can find information on who is going to get married in places like Facebook. People will change their status to engaged and you can easily target people who got engaged less than 6 months ago.

Right. So you target people who got engaged less than a year ago six months ago. These people are very likely to get married.

The EPCs on wedding offers are insane! You can find stuff like:

  • $22 EPC
  • $57 EPC
  • $75 EPC
  • Even $200 EPC

Again, this is a free platform where you can sign up for free and then apply to these brands. If they accept you in their program, you could make quite a lot of money.

Make sure to click on the link on this page.

And that's my referral link and they will know that I sent you. I am a trusted partner of theirs and this will help you down the road.

You using my link helps you, but it also gives me a referral and boosts my status. I have already referred many successful affiliates to Shareasale and my special link is gold.

So click on this link and sign up for Shareasale account it's FREE


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