FBC – 203 – This Dude Made $119 Million In 2 Minutes? Here’s How…

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This Dude Made $119 Million In 2 Minutes? Here's How…

Today we are going to discuss how some dude was able to make 119 million dollars in less than 2 minutes. What was the guy's secret?
Can you do the same thing?
All the answers and more are in this episode.
PS. The battery ran out at the very end, so sorry if I didn't get to say goodbye properly.

I decided to talk to you about a stat that I saw today that I found very, very interesting. And it actually got me thinking a lot, because these are some discussions that I've had with a lot of people.

So I saw a stat that says that Usain Bolt, you know the track and field champion. Right. He won nine gold medals in three Olympics. Right. And he ran less than two minutes on the track because I mean, these are like ten seconds, you know, per race and stuff. Or maybe 20 seconds when he's running in like 200 meters. But in those two minutes, he made a hundred and nineteen million dollars.

So that's basically one million dollars per second that he ran. Because he ran something like a hundred and fifteen seconds. Right. And this is crazy stuff man.

The discussion I have with people usually is that people find it unfair. Why does he make a hundred like a million dollars a second? You know, why does he get all this money? So there are two things we can touch base on here.

So there is a concept of how hard you work for something. So the hardship. The hardship of your job is not proportional with the wage. Like convicts were like building roads and stuff or people building houses and everything, you know, like the carpenters and stuff.

I mean, all these people will be the richest people on the planet. Right. Because their job is hard. So it's not correlated. The physical hardship or even the length of your job. It is not proportional with the income. And a lot of people are not happy about this.

Yes. It can be very unfair that someone will work for less than you and why should you make more? But maybe you're not looking at this from the right angle. So maybe you’re looking at how much and how long that person is working today.

You're not looking at how long that person that's worked to get to where they are today, for example. Usain Bolt practiced for 20 years to be able to run those two minutes.

That person was actually putting the hours in before the sprint. And then afterwards, that person is now enjoying the benefits of all the work that they put in.

Same way is if you manage to automate a task. So let's say I have to do the same task as you, but I can do it in two minutes where it takes you three hours because you have to do it manually and I will automate it. Do you think it's unfair? A lot of people think it's unfair.

But I'm like, do you know how much time it took me to automate that stuff? I had to think about the whole project, the thing as a whole and find the tools. I did the research. I tried different tools and stuff. It took me a lot of time while you were sitting on your couch. And then today, when it starts working for me, because I took the time to go and automate that stuff, then you're not happy about it.

What bothers me is the lack of appreciation for the job or indeed the work that these people have put in to be able to end up in this situation. Because the only thing you see is when the person gets there, you don't see all the sacrifices.

This Dude Made $119 Million In 2 Minutes? Here's How…

Same for actors. One thing I know is that these actors who make a lot of money, who’s actually thought about all of the crappy auditions they had to go through when they were nobody. Do you know how many auditions these people go to? They have to do like weird commercials and all that stuff.

They get booted from auditions and they kept going at it until one day you see them in the blockbusters and you're now you're complaining about, oh, man, this guy makes money. I would like to see the Wikipedia or something, how many auditions and how many crappy movies and jobs some people have done where they weren't even paid.

I think some people actually worked for free just to have their name on the movie or something. You know, and eventually when they make it, then you'll see people start being mad about them. So I don't want you to be one of those people.

Please take the time to analyse and reflect on how much ground work, how much effort and how long these people have worked to be able to make like one hundred and twenty million dollars in two minutes or to be able to, you know, create some automation tool and stuff and then afterwards it just runs.

These people are devoted to building this stuff. You only see them, you become aware of them only when they've reached that, you know, that place that they wanted to get to. You know that goal, right?

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