FBC – 205 – The real purpose of school explained

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The real purpose of school explained.

Today, we are going to talk about the school systems. Somehow, most of us completely miss the point of school. What is school good for and what is the hidden truth behind these institutions?

All this and more in today's episode.

It's about the school system and education system. I think we we've talked about the subject quite a lot here. And, you know, I often have chats with people, especially amongst entrepreneurs.

So people tell you, man what I learned in school, I don't use it. I only use like 10 percent of it or something. And then you have all these entrepreneurs. You know, as I told you people that I think belong to some sort of cult where they hate everything institutional, like the school and corporate and all that stuff.

They will tell you that you shouldn't go to school. It's useless. It's pointless. You should start your business and all that stuff. So I've told you, my opinion about this is, well, you shouldn't be that harsh. And there are good things about the school system. There are bad things about school system. But you can't just dismiss the whole system anyway.

When we studied the Second World War, we were told what happened in Europe and all that stuff. And I was actually surprised. I don't know if I told you that I was in a taxi in Singapore and I started talking to the taxi driver and the guy was explaining to me that, well, during World War Two, we had the Japanese, who invaded Singapore.

And I was like, what do you mean the Japanese invaded? We had no idea. We have absolutely no idea in Europe what happened in Asia. Because it's not in our history books or anything. So, you know the information you get will always be subjective. There is no information that you get that's not subjective, Whether it's TV, the newspaper, all right. So don't just assume that it's some sort of conspiracy.

People complain about school but here's the thing. One thing people haven't understood and the biggest misconception is that the main purpose of school, if you ask me, is to teach you how to learn stuff. It's to teach you how to go and get information. It's not there to teach you everything. It's there to give you the reflexes and give you the skills for how to go about finding information.

And the biggest mistake that people make is that they assume that, you know what? Once they finish school, that's it. They don't have to learn anything. No. This is where it starts. School was there to prepare you for the moment where you're on your own and you need to go get the information for yourself.

And 99 percent of the people, what do they do once they stop school? That's it. They don't learn anything. They stagnate and then they complain about, oh, man. Oh, my. I'm not moving forward and some people are getting ahead. And I don't understand why. Well, the reason why some people are getting ahead is because some people understood the fact that school is not here to teach you everything. It's a stepping stone from there. You have to educate yourself.

Some people are like, you know what? The school system is our lot. And then afterwards they say they're like, dude, I'm not in school anymore. I want to don't have to read. I don't have to learn anything. That's it. I have my job. That's what I'll do. And this is a big mistake. You're missing the point.

The real purpose of school explained

School prepares you for life. You know, once you're an adult, life actually starts because before you were in some sort of like cocoon and stuff was being done for you and you were a teenager and all that stuff. And then afterwards, once you're an adult. This is where the real shit starts, right? Because you have problems, you have your own family and all that stuff. And this is exactly when you need to start learning.

And well, unfortunately, people miss the point. It's important for you guys to understand this.

Yes. Well, later in life, you can pick and choose the subjects that are of interest to you. That's the difference. But it doesn't mean that you need to stop learning just because now it's not mandatory. You're not in school. This is how you never, ever reach your objectives. And this is how you see everybody around you getting ahead and you complaining and moaning about it.

Getting information never stops. It never stops until the day you die. Or until your last breath, you should be looking for more information and evolve as a person. Don't stop learning. Right. That's my opinion, you know? You need to evolve. I think it's a good thing to evolve.

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