FBC – 316 – Happy birthday to me!

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Well today I am the birthday boy! Happy birthday to me! Just a quick update on what I did today and all the fun I had!

Thanks to all the people who sent me some really nice birthday wishes!

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So I hope you guys are doing great. Well, today we'll have a special day, my birthday. So happy birthday to me. It was a pretty good day.

I got to go and celebrate a little bit. So, yeah, another few surprises. I woke up. I had some balloons and like presents and all that stuff waiting for me. And then I opened the birthday cards that I got from the kids yesterday. Yeah, it was really cool. A little bit emotional. Some of the kids just said, like, really, really nice things.

Then afterwards I went out with friends to have lunch and eventually my brother stopped by. My brother actually lives here in Bali and we spent some time together, which was really cool. So I'm actually very happy about this birthday. You know, there are some birthdays when I have absolutely no idea what I did. But here in this case, there's no way I can forget this particular birthday. You know, it's a new chapter.

I want to tell you a lovely story. I had a buddy when I was in the elementary school in Italy. We were like brothers and we were inseparable, like honestly. When I left Italy, I was sent to boarding school in France. I was eleven when I left. And I haven't seen him since.

And then one day by complete accident, I met one of the little girls who was in the elementary with us. And actually, I mean, when you're a kid you hate girls and stuff. I think I kind of liked her for whatever but I was the in the whole, like, elementary. But she was the second fastest. And I think she hated my guts because she couldn't beat me.

And I was like seven or eight, like, I hated girls. So we actually kind of like hated each other something. I don't think it was like an actual hatred. But now that I think about it, I think back in the day in the beginning, I thought she was kind of cute, but. Yeah you have a street cred to maintain. Right.

But anyway one day I was looking for a book and I went on this this website. At the very bottom of the page on this website, there was a name and she had a very unusual name. So this combination, I mean, it could have been only her.

So I sent an email saying, well, I'm really sorry if, you know, if it's not you, but I was in school with someone who had the same name as you back in Rome. If it's not you, please forgive me. And then she was like, yeah, it's me, how's it going? And blah, blah, blah. So you know what? There is a reunion for the ten years of graduations in a week.

And I was like, wow, really? So I booked a ticket and I went back to Rome and I hadn't been back to in Rome since I left when I was 11. So I came back, I was like twenty eight or something.

So I still hadn't seen my buddy either, so I went there and for whatever reason he couldn't make it. So I didn't get to see him there. And then by complete accident, a few months later I was in New York and I was talking to my buddy Max. Oh man. It was really bad that I missed you in there.

And so and I was like, gee, I'm in New York now. And he said, you’re kidding me! I’m in New York too!

And so I got to spend time with my like my buddy. And it was crazy. After, like, 18 years, we met like randomly in New York. He was born on the 9th of March and me on the 9th of April. So basically one month before me. So every time we have a birthday, we'll just like, you know, wish each other happy birthday. But to meet him like that was absolutely awesome.

Happy birthday to me!

Anyway, so today I was working on something really cool. I mean, this is the coolest thing. It's awesome. And there was one part that I was missing in terms of like automation and stuff, because, you know me, I like to automate stuff. And my brother was actually working on something in parallel where he managed to automate whatever I was trying to automate.

But the rest he couldn't automate it and I actually have. And so we started talking about this today. I told him, dude, you should stop by at the house. We're going to compare notes and put our brains together and create something really cool that can just run, you know. I think we can actually get this stuff to work really well.

But, you know, anyway, I had like a really, really good time, fantastic time. People have been awesome. And again, as I said, I usually don't celebrate my birthday too much because, uh, yeah I don't know, I just don't like the attention, and this time I got attention, but I'm actually quite happy about it.

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