FBC – 326 – How To determine what you should buy or not?

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Today we are going to talk about purchasing behaviors guys. How do you determine what you should buy and what you should stay away from.

There is a simple formula you can apply to make this decision a no brainier.

All the details inside this episode

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I just wanted to tell you about a quote that I really like.

If you buy stuff that you don't need, very soon you will have to sell stuff that you actually need.

And this is I like this quote because it's very powerful. And I've actually seen it unfold not too long ago with people I know. They were just buying, like, random stuff. So when I say buying, it's not just, you know, buying electronics and blah, blah, blah, but just like going out to party and stuff like that, but also buying all sorts of like really unnecessary stuff that you don't actually need here in Bali.

So, you know, here in Bali, to be honest, my wardrobe, 80 percent of that wardrobe is kind of useless. You can use pretty much the same thing all the time. Basically what happens is that I get my laundry that comes back on Tuesdays and Fridays and between Tuesday and Friday, it's not like I've used a lot of clothes.

And then the new clothes that are clean get put on top of the pile. And guess what happens? I just use that. So the thing is the ones that I never used afterwards, since they've been there forever, sometimes they can smell a little bit and I have to get them washed.

I've seen people absolutely waste their money buying all sorts of things that they don't actually need. They don't use it and soon enough what happened was the person blew all their money and was forced to sell everything. And including leaving the house they were in. So they were renting the house, but they had to leave the house and were homeless.

So when I'm saying don't buy stuff you don't need, dude, I'm not referring to food and water and that kind of stuff because nobody would buy anything. Right. I'm just saying just be reasonable. You know, there's some stuff. It's not like you actually need it, but you worked hard to be able to afford it and stuff. Yeah. Go out and do it, you know, as long as it remains smart enough to let you save money for what you actually need.

Some people, regardless how much money you give them, they're going to spend the money. There are some people like that and then do they learn when shit hits the fan that it's not going to happen again? I've learned the lessons and then, boom, same thing will happen again. I know people like that.

You know, you can try to help in the beginning, but it's just it's just like some common sense. Well, it's common sense for you. And you'll be surprised that for some people, it's really not common sense. They're always going to buy random stuff that they don't need. And, you know, well, it's going to bite them a few months later.

How To determine what you should buy or not?

What I suggest you do, and I'm not a financial adviser anything, but invest in in something that's actually going to produce some results afterwards. Not necessarily money wise because there are a lot of different investments.

You have investments in yourself, you know, stuff that's going to make you grow as a person or help you in some other way. So that's what I recommend. OK.

Again, I'm not a financial adviser but I've seen that unfold and it's pretty ugly, so I would like to warn you against it.

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