FBC – 332 – The true power of Visualisation!

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The true power of Visualisation!

Today I have a confession to make…I was wrong about something super powerful and important. I actually formed an opinion without even trying it.

Today I know better and this is life changing information that can literally alter the course of your life.

If you want to know what it is, and more importantly, how it can help you, tune in to today's episode.

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Today I wanted to confess something. I messed up big time and I was wrong. All right. And that's the one thing I like to do is when I’m wrong, I like to admit it. All right.

So I don't know if you remember a few episodes ago I told you about those kinds of people who were always super negative. And they think that everything is a scam. And I was complaining about these people, but guess what? I was one of those people in a specific field.

And I realize now, because I realized that one thing that I was sceptical about is actually super powerful. OK.

So I am talking about visualization, which is a concept of curing yourself in the situation of whatever the outcome you want. So let's say if you want to be a professional sprinter or something, you will visualize yourself winning the Olympics and stuff like that. And it will actually materialize afterwards because you've seen yourself there.

So you might have heard about the story of this dude who wanted this house. It was his dream house and he had a vision board or something. And he put the house in the vision board and every day he was checking out the house and stuff and working towards the goal, which was that house. And then the fact of having it in front of him, you know, gave him the extra motivation until one day he actually made it.

So he made it financially and stuff and he was visiting houses. And he ends up in this house and he buys the house. And what he realizes afterwards is that this is the exact same house that he had on his vision board. It's just that when he came into the house, it was from the other entrance.

So I didn't actually recognize that it was the same house. And then one day when he gets on the other side after, like, he realizes that, dude that was the same house that I had on my vision board and stuff.

The true power of Visualisation!

And I was very sceptical about this kind of thing. So I've never done any visualization exercises and stuff. I know people who do and they’re like, oh man, in the morning I will wake up and then I will visualize this and I will visualize myself. And I was like, I don't need that extra motivation. I know why I'm doing this. I don't need that right. And plus, it doesn't work. You're guys are coocoo. So that was what I was thinking.

Until yesterday. Yesterday I did something. It was absolutely mind blowing and changed my whole perspective on this thing. And I'm actually considering looking into this visualization thing now.

I'm not going to end up in some sort of cult or something but dude, this thing is really powerful. So I did an exercise that allowed me to see this visually. Jesus Christ, this thing works. It takes like a minute to run the exercise and it works. And it blew my mind. Right.

So I was able to do something I thought was impossible in like thirty seconds with the power of visualization and I wanted to pass that message down to the kids, for them to understand the limitations that you actually have on your brain.

You think, oh, this is not possible. This is how far I can go and all that stuff that's based on your experience. And sometimes your beliefs are influenced by other people.

OK, and I wanted the kids to understand this. So I had the kids do that same exercise and a lot of them experienced the same thing where they managed to do something that was impossible for them like 10 seconds before, right?

And I wanted them to understand that in their life, during things like this, in their life, like their goals or objectives and stuff, they're capable of doing more than they think. One thing that’s very important for me as well, because, you know, these kids are in an environment where consciously or unconsciously, they put limitations on themselves because they're in an orphanage.

I just hope that I can change the mind of at least one of those kids. I'm going to repeat that exercise and make sure that they understand this, that they're capable of a lot more than they think. And this is proof, because when people tell you you're capable and more than this and blah, blah, blah, you're like, you're right.

But this exercise showed them exactly what that means.

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