FBC – 349 – Dealing with people who obviously don’t know what LOGIC is…

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Today I had a very bad day so this is going to be a good old rant. One of the most frustrating things for me is dealing with people, complete idiots who really don't seem to understand the concept of logic.

If you want to hear me ranting for 10 minutes and share my frustration, you are more than welcome to tune in.

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A familiar problem, the freaking dog's next door are barking again.

So they're barking at ungodly hours like 6:00 a.m. or something because the neighbour is apparently never there or whatever. I had stuff to do. So I continue with my life. And then from around 3:00 pm until nine thirty pm. So that's a good six, six and a half hours. These freaking dogs were barking nonstop!

They were driving me insane. The thing is I have things to do. Right. So I'm trying to concentrate. I have some videos and stuff that I want to record. And obviously I can’t have that kind of background noise.

So there is one thing I don't understand is people's logic or I will say here people's lack of logic. All right. So this problem started a year ago. So basically for almost a year, I haven't been able to sleep because of those freaking dogs. Right. So I told the neighbours, dude, please do something about your dog. I've been very nice about it.

I've told you for like a year and the problem is still there, you can't just tell me what she's telling me now. You know something that should bring me comfort. Oh, I understand your frustration. You're kidding me. You could have understood my frustration a year ago. I would have accepted that. But today, telling me I understand your frustration is just an insult. All right.

So the solution for us I said was look, here's the deal. Just get a dog trainer, train those freaking dogs to shut up, because basically, as soon as they're by themselves, they will bark until someone comes. They will just bark. They can bark all day if nobody's coming. Right. And obviously, I'm at home. I have to live with them and endure those barks. All right. So is that normal behaviour for a dog?

Dealing with people who obviously don't know what LOGIC is…

So her answer to this is, well, I’ll get some dog walkers and then we'll walk them twice a day to get them tired. And I'm like, but well, I mean, where's the logic in this? Like, honestly. So if you have someone coming twice a day to walk the freaking dog, that's seven hundred and thirty times a year. That's someone needs to come to your house and walk that animal.

So don't you think that is more efficient, if you have someone train the freaking dog once and for all and it starts barking because since it starts barking at like six, 30, these people have to show up very early or today. In this case, they have to show up like really late and come here at like nine, 30 or something, if they have kids or a family and everything.

Well, they came after like an hour after I called the neighbour. It took them an hour to get here. But is it constructive? Do people have a brain? So is it preferable to do this like this? And I'm only talking about one year, seven hundred and thirty times.

I don't understand people. So you can't even imagine everything I thought about doing to those dogs. Like, honestly, I am being the most patient person on the planet right now, but I haven't been able to sleep property in like a year. And for them to tell me, oh, we understand your frustration. No, no, no, you don't understand my frustration, because when they’re barking, you're not there. Right. The only thing you understand is me sending you a WhatsApp message.

But she does not have any skin in the game. She's not there when these idiots are barking. She's not there. I'm going to buy some speakers or something and I'm going to point them at her house and I'm going to play some loud music or something at like three am every single day. And I will see how she likes the fact of not sleeping for like a year. And maybe at that point she'll have skin in the game.

But that's the thing. When people don't have skin in the game, they really can't understand. And I'm so mad about this whole story and hearing the same lame excuses.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to speak to the neighbour. I am going to look for a dog trainer myself. And because, you know, I said, well, well, what about the dog trainer? Oh, yeah, we've seen a dog trainer give us some advice. And I'm like, you know what? Bring that dog trainer. I want to talk to you. That person, you know him or her, bring the freaking dog trainer.

So that's one thing I don't understand. Don't be that person and also understand that concept of skin in the game. People will ask you that as well. Like if you want to go in a joint venture or something with some people, something like that, in a lot of cases they will ask you to have skin in the game just the same way that when you get a mortgage or something, you know, they can you lend some money, they will put some sort of like thing on your house or something like that.

So you have skin in the game. You need to you need to perform. So would I go as far as making sure she has skin in the game? I don't know. It will be pretty petty for me to do that. But I mean, without this, she wouldn't understand.

So I guess I'm just venting here, you know, it's just frustration. You know, when you have to deal with idiots, it's just really frustrating.

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