FBC – 351 – Costly mistake that you should avoid making at any cost

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A costly mistake that you should avoid!

Today, I want to tell you about a mistake I just made and it's big.

Simple mistake that could have easily been avoided but I was simply too sloppy or distracted (or lazy he he) pick and choose…

Anyway this is something that could very well happen to you, so let's make sure it doesn't. I think I lost a great deal of potential sales on that instance.

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Well, as usual, my day started pretty bad with them dogs barking in the morning and well, I had a conversation with the person there, someone who was actually dog sitting.

And so I said, look, here's the thing. I mean, the lady over there, she obviously has no skin in the game. I actually like this expression, you know, skin in the game, which means, you know, she's not there when it's happening. She's not suffering from it. The only thing she's suffering from is me texting her saying, can you please do something for your dogs?

So just imagine this for like a year.  I was bringing rational points like the dogs are barking every single day. You know, it's not normal. Get a dog trainer instead of walking because basically they will bark when they're waiting for the dog walker. So regardless, what time the dog walkers are coming, they will bark.

So I was talking to the lady. I said, look, you know, you've heard how bad it is, right? So maybe you can actually tell the owner to actually do something now. And then she started rambling and it went beyond reason. So she was like, oh, instead of being mad at the dogs, you should be grateful for a new day. You live in Bali. It’s Spiritual.

What do you mean spiritual? I'm grateful for a new day when I wake up when I want. What do you mean? This is ludicrous.

So anyway, that's not the point of the podcast. The point is I think I'm not going to blame that on those stupid dogs.

But when I was working on something else I made a huge, huge, huge mistake yesterday. I wanted to tell you about it so that people don't make the same mistake.

So I was building landing pages in click funnels and stuff. And a business partner of mine shared a funnel with me and I imported the funnel into my email accounts. So I was working on it, the dogs and stuff barking outside. I was distracted. I was doing this stuff. And, you know, one big lesson is so maybe I'm too old school.

Back in the days we were just testing stuff on the desktop. I don't use my phone too much. So I don't have this reflex of actually going in and testing everything with my phone, which I should do because I think now most of the traffic there is more mobile traffic than desktop traffic, if I'm not mistaken.

But anyway, that's part of the checks that you need to do when you're doing something right. So here in this case it's not something I could have foreseen. But if I had tested it properly, then I would have spotted it.

So basically, there are two versions of the thing on click funnels. So you have one for mobile and one for desktop. When you choose something for desktop, this doesn’t necessarily change for mobile. So I didn't actually do the switch and everything and I added a link inside the buttons and stuff. I was doing everything on the desktop version.

Costly mistake that you should avoid making at any cost

And turns out what happened was that when someone was opening that link from their phone, it was giving them the mobile version with a completely different page with different links. So I was sending people to a destination, but they landed on the page that had links that were sending them somewhere else, somewhere where, you know, someone else was making the money.

So it kind of sucked. And that's something that, you know, it's my fault. I should have tested that. Nobody knows everything, you know, its stuff like that that you learn over time because you make a big, big mistake and as I said, the big successful people are there because they made more mistakes than you.

So when something like this happens to you, then you need to go back to your checklist and make sure you add this thing in your checklist because now you've seen how bad that can get.

So you've probably heard this and people say, oh, you need to look at the mobile version and work on mobile and you're like, yeah, yeah. But the text is so annoying and stuff like that. But please do it right. Really do it. I'm saying that from experience it was lazy. I didn't go and actually think about it.

I just didn't think about it on that instance because there was a lot of stuff going on. I had the dogs barking in the background and stuff, and I just got sloppy.

So make sure this is something you test and you have on your list, OK, because this this was a very, very unpleasant surprise for me. I think that generated quite a lot of sales and it kind of sucks. But dude, it's my fault, not somebody else's fault.

So now I know that now that's part of the checks that I do. And if I'm teaching anything to someone about, like, funnels or something, I will make sure to remind them, like with the big warning sign, please make sure to always, always, always go and check the mobile version.

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