FBC – 366 – What you don’t know might kill you…Contrarily to popular belief

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What you don't know might kill you…Contrarily to popular belief.

In this episode, I want to touch base on a very serious topic. A topic that plagued my life at some stage and that it probably plaguing your right now.

This stuff needs to be avoided at all cost and this podcast will show you how to do just that.

All the details and more inside.

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What I wanted to talk to you about is my mind-set during my trials and challenges in life. And you'll see how that can be relevant even for some of you guys.

So if you if you've been following me for a while, you know that I've been through a situation where I got badly injured and then I ended up in a wheelchair and stuff. I had to learn how to walk and play basketball again. It took me years and years to do it. And it sucked.

I was living by myself on the first floor and then all of a sudden ended up in a wheelchair, which is the problem, as you can imagine. So I had to go back to France to stay with my parents. These were challenging times.

I was working support at the time and we were on call. So every week someone was going to be on call and get some calls after hours and had to fix the problems and stuff. And I knew that one of my colleagues was on call and the only number I knew by heart was the number of our support line. So I called the number.

I said, well, please call that number. One of my colleagues is going to pick up and please ask him to call Dominic, which was one of my mentors. I mean, the guy who taught me he taught me so much, this guy, and he really helped me like, you know, beyond what he can even imagine.

So this is how I actually get stuff, you know, like toothbrush and like change of clothes and stuff, calling this number of my job to get the to one of my colleagues to call this guy, you know.

They gave me a choice between an operation and realigning my bones and putting a cast and stuff, you know? So I was like, yeah, I'm scared. It's an operation. Then I'll have this and then. Yeah. And so I chose the cast to realign my bones without anaesthesia or anything.

Just imagine how painful it was. It was crazy. So the dude was manoeuvring my leg like, you know, pulling it up and down and looking into a screen sideways and stuff to see if it was a line or not.

What you don't know

I should have gone with the operation. I think my leg would have been fine. But you know what? I'm not the one who lives with regrets and stuff, just analysing the situation and what actually stopped me at the time. I think I was afraid of the result of an operation.

So this time when I ended up in that accident, I didn't even ask questions. I was like, dude, let me go to the hospital and I will do an MRI right now. I want to know exactly what happened. I wasn't like, what if my leg is broken and what if my ligaments are torn, blah, blah, blah? No, let's check.

So I didn't even recognize that until I started thinking about it and reflecting back at how my mind-set was before when I was dodging all these problems and stuff, you know, I was basically living in denial and dodging problems because problems make life harder.

No, they don't necessarily make life harder. They will open some options. You know, it might not be what you want, but at least you have options.

And I realized that I've changed a lot since that time. And I think I've become a lot stronger because maybe it could have been that I just couldn't handle the truth at the time. And I said, let's assume that everything is OK and chickening out of that operation.

So just like that, I've grown and, you know, bad situations like this, there is always a growth opportunity and there is always like a take away. And I'm actually very happy of how I handled this stuff. I've changed.

This is how you make progress.

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