FBC – 374 – The truth about choosing a mentor

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The truth about choosing a mentor.

Are you looking for a mentor who can help you reach your goals faster?

Finding a mentor can help you compress years of struggle, trials and errors into days thanks to their experience.

If you listen to most highly successful people, they will advise you to find a mentor.

Now, there are some things that they don't tell you… Some things that are very important and that you need to know about before embarking on a quest to find the mentor who is going to catapult you to success.

In this podcast episode, you are going to discover the hidden side of mentorship and you will be able to get an edge over your competitors

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I wanted to talk to you about mentorship, OK? Because this is a subject that I have been exploring quite a lot recently, because I am mentoring people and, I will advise you to get a mentor.

A mentor is actually very good because they can take years and years of information and trial and error and they can compress it for you and basically show you the map to get to where you want to go.

I told you my mentors, even though they had no idea they were my mentors, were in different different fields. One of my mentors was named Joanne Warner. She was my boss in the first company where I worked.

And the other one was was actually assigned to me when I joined the company. And his name was Dominic Yong. So these people are not famous. They're not in record books or anything, which tends to show that mentors don't have to be, you know, like famous people or something. They don't have to be billionaires. They just have to be people who can show you a way of where you want to go in life.

So I want to be able to mentor people and show them what I know and maybe something that could help them and pave the way for them. Just telling them what I've been through before and some of the hurdles that are waiting for them and guide them.

So the episode is not just saying, oh, yeah, mentors are so good, you know, just get a mentor and stuff. Yes, you should absolutely get one. But there is something that you need to understand before you get a mentor.

It's just like everything you know, there's good and bad. You have to choose that mentor very carefully. The reason why I'm saying this is because the people you spend the most time with are the people who influence your life a lot, to be honest.

So if you have a mentor, chances are that you're actually going to spend a lot of time with that person and that person is going to influence your life. And that's the thing, right? You will very often adopt the way of thinking and the thoughts and opinions of your mentor.

The truth about choosing a mentor

And this is something that you need to know and then you need to understand. Because if you don't choose your mentor carefully, then you might actually turn into that person.

So there might be some things that you want to want to rub off on you from that mentor, right? But there are other things that you might not be aware of, that will also rub off on you. OK, so please understand your mentor. You will adopt their way of thinking if you're in like a real mentorship situation.

And there's something that you need to ask yourself, well, yeah. Do I want this or not? Do I like the way this person thinks? And not only about your business or something. Because, again, you can have mentors in different subjects. You can have someone who is your mentor in relationships and someone who is your mentor in sports and someone will be your mentor in business. OK, so it doesn't mean that you have only one mentor that does it all.

I'm not saying that bad things are going to happen. I'm just saying that this is something that you have to understand. You will adopt a lot of things from your mentor. So you choose them carefully, choose someone you know, some people who have good values and they're nice people and they're trying to do some good and stuff and also understand that your mentor's opinions are just opinions. They're not the truth. The universal truth.

So when your mentor is teaching you stuff, please, please, please, always make sure you take the information, analyze the information, then form your own opinion and then create a brand new opinion on it. OK, so if it goes in line with what the mentor said, yeah, yeah, fine.

You know, but don't just ingest everything they're giving you and then just spit it out. Try to be your own version of these teachings.

My goal here is actually to get you to ask yourself these questions or think about the subject that you might have never considered before. And think about it from your own perspective, with your own history, form your own opinion, and then you use this to move forward in life or help others move forward.

OK, so that was my message here for the people who are and looking for a mentor and stuff, you know, it is very good to have a mentor, if you ask me.

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