FBC – 388 – How to survive the next big crisis (and thrive)

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How to survive the next big crisis (and thrive).

Are you financially affected by the coronavirus outbreak?

Are you afraid to lose your job and your income because of the economic crisis triggered by the virus…

Unfortunately, most of us weren't prepared for such an “unexpected” event and we are paying the price…

The most important question is: “what can I do to come up on top not only during this crisis, but for the upcoming ones”.

It turns out that there are things you can do to keep your peace of mind even during these hard times… This is exactly what I have done and this is the reason why I still thriving despite the circumstances.

Today, I want to give you a chance to learn what I do and to learn how to protect your income and the well-being of your family.

I have created a special course for you that details how you can get started and how you can start making money online on autopilot.

Dude, you don't have any excuses: you are at home with all the time in the world haha

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I wanted to talk to you about the current situation, because right now the industry and pretty much every industry is disrupted by this virus. So it might be your case right now. You're like, damn man, everything's falling apart. What do I do?

So I was talking to a friend, so someone I just met recently. He sent me an email. But for whatever reason, the email ended in spam. So I only saw the email once he was back in Singapore.

We were talking about different things and different businesses and all that kind of stuff. And he told me about some business that I didn't know about. I didn't know it could be affected. That was really affected.

And this is where I realized that this virus is affecting everything, like every industry, tourism, you know, F&B, you know, like all the plane companies, all the even e-commerce, because the warehouses are closed, everything is being affected.

The luxury industry is dying. Because the thing was that I saw a few documentaries about it, but it's mostly Chinese people who buy the Louis Vuitton and all that kind of stuff. And they were confined. So they couldn't go anywhere and they had to close some stores and stuff. So there are so many industries that are being impacted.

A Buddy of mine works on boats. He does submarine cartography, basically for all these oil companies to know where to drill. So a pretty cool job. But the thing is, right now, he can't work, he can’t go anywhere, especially being confined on the boat. So he was asking me, how is it affecting you?

How to survive the next big crisis (and thrive)

And, you know, that's the point actually of my podcast today because I saw a video recently like yesterday or something that actually resonated with me. It was Kevin Hart, the comedian. He was saying I have this crazy life, right? Life is good and all that kind of stuff. But, you know, I have the mentality that it might not last forever.

He wanted to be ready. So he's doing smart things with his money. And this is precisely what I have been doing for the longest time. Just do it naturally because, you know, a lot of people are telling me, dude, like, why are you still working on stuff? You know, your business works and everything.

And my take is, dude, it works today. I don't know if it's going to work tomorrow and not that I'm like paranoid and all kind of stuff, but I always like to be at least two or three steps ahead. If something happens, I have something else, so, you know, I always have this mentality of, well, you know, that may go away one day. It's best if I have something else on the side as well.

And this is why I build stuff. I do build stuff as well just because I love the challenge. I love the journey. The journey is fantastic. Even if it doesn't work out, I learned a lot a lot of things, but I'm always building something.

And my main business is being affected right now because I am working with clothing brands. Nobody is going to work, nobody is going to the warehouses. So obviously they're not running campaigns to get people to buy because they can’t ship anything and people cannot leave their house to go pick up the stuff at the post office anyway. So my business is being affected.

But the thing is, because I have something else that's already running, and then I am not too worried about it. I'm not worried because I am always in this in this constant improvement motion and I always have something running on the side.

So it could be that something was dormant and I'm like, well, you know what, it's time to activate. But I'm very, very happy I did this, you know? So I'm not happy that the virus and all that kind of stuff happened. But it is just validating all the time that I spent in building all these things that help me.

It helps me feel safe and secure because I still have a way of getting some income and stuff, even though my main business right now is suffering.

OK, so that's the message that I wanted to give you guys. Work on something else just in case, and right now is the perfect opportunity to do it because right now you are at home. You can't leave.

So it is the perfect opportunity for you to start something.

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